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Peter of Montgomery

From Darlington to Montgomery

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Military File and Estate
His son William Henry's estate
Peter's Other Children
South Carolina Archived Records
.Book: Sketches Of Bozeman
William's son Peter Edward
Peter Edward's marriage to Nancy Jane
SAR: Sons of the American Revolution
Peter Edward with son John Thomas and then Rena/ Lorena
Alabama Kin
The Cochrans
About Peter Edward 1834-1896
Bozeman, McClain, Carter, Cochran
John A,. Hill was brother of P.E.'s mother Martha H. Bozeman
Lorena's daughter Emily/Ellie married Cecil Carter
Emily's daughter Anne
Relatives Who Visited.
Lorena Bozeman and daughter Emily Alice McClain
Spouse of Lorena Bozeman
Files of my other grandfathers in DAR

Peter and son William Henry settled on plantations in Hope Hull Alabama around 1826 - 1827. Peter filed letters from Montgomery County to the War Department in 1828. He died in 1829 according to his estate sale and perhaps his wife died in 1838 when the land was divided among his heirs. William died in 1847, estate sale in 1848 names his son Peter Edward Bozeman who is my line. Peter Edward married in 1861, served in the Civil War and his widow filed for his pension. She had a son named John Thomas Bozeman around 1865 who married Alice Lorena Stephens and named a daughter Lorena Emma Bozeman about 1890. Lorena married Charles Allen McClain in 1908 and named a daughter Alice.......or Emma Alice or Emily Alice....sometimes called Emmer or Ellie........Alice married Cecil Carter and named a daughter Anne who was called Annie Alice. Annie married Frank Cochran in 1951.............Lorena's sister found on the census included in these files was Ethel Mae Bozeman Gibson and her daughter Minnie Lee has a daughter Cathy who is trying to join the DAR. Lorena's brother Bob had a daughter Hazel who already has joined. . . Recognized and accepted by the DAR in January 2008 by the Clear Creek Chapter of NC his number being 846319, . . . Hazel's DAR NO. 863544. ............... Many of us have visited the old family cemetery in Hope Hull hoping to locate Peter's grave but only his son Jesse born 1793 has a tombstone there amongst his own children. The tombstone here is Jesse's and his family. There was also once a little church here. The old home place burned down, but Lacy's daughter, Lucy Carter Calloway and her family built it back. Now there is a little street, McClean Road, and Peter's plantation was on the other side, where you can find Shiloh Church. Peter and his family built a little home over there and most likely is buried out there somewhere in those woods. Considering the size of some of these monuments, Peter probably had a gigantic tombstone monument and someday hopefully we will find it.......When doing your own research, you will find a lot of information for Peter Bozeman, Bozman, Bosemaan, on the internet, in the South Carolina Archives, SC Roster, and surely the state of SC is continuing it's uploading. His father Mordecai's paid receipts for his service in the war are also available. Peter's pay is listed and then his land deeds are also available, where he owned many many acres and even records of his Land Gifts to his children and grandchildren - amazing history here.