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Aunt Carrie Fenn's husband has little to do with our genealogy, yet he was an indian and moved her to Indian Nation Oklahoma, which adds a little confirmation to the Fenns being of indian blood, like Carrie's brother, Cecil was our grandfather and claimed to be Cherokee.  Carrie and Cecils' mother was Anna Stone and her Uncle Charles Stone named his sons Osceola and the plot thickens.
From Bullock County Alabama to Montgomery, Carrie married after 1920 to Ben Johnson of Choctaw Nation, Texas. They are found on the 1930 census of Creek, Oklahoma.

Her parents were Anna Stone and Wm Frank Fenn who had married in 1893 Bullock County and they had six children before divorcing soon after the 1900 census, where Anna joined her parents in Macon, Bibb, Georgia. Carrie was the first born child, then Frank Jr., Arthur, Robert, Emmett, and Cecil who claimed to be Cherokee. They were all very tall, dark and handsome. Family lore is that Frank Jr., told his children that Carrie and Cecil were only his "half" sibling.....

Ben's parents were America Emeline Mills and Nathaniel B. Johnson of Alabama, who moved around a lot, into Arkansas, and into Texas, where the census indicates some children born in Indian Territory. Some of Nathaniel's siblings may have also been born in Indian Territory.

Nat named a daughter Ellen after his sister.

Ellen Gray Johnson, b July 12,1856 Springfield Alabama, d April 26,1952 Monument, Lea County New Mexico, she married William Fletcher Weir, on Dec 16,1881, Brady , Mc Culloch County Texas( I have original Certificate) William Weir wa sborn Dec 19,1854 Polk Missouri, d August 8 ,1937 Monument , lea County Texas, they lived in Texas until early 1906 , when they went by covered wagon with their 8 children to Lea County NM, William purchased the famous, historical Hat Ranch.

Nat also had a sister named Louisa Powell.

Nathaniel's mother was Mary Ann Macon and her ancestors had something to do with the founding of Macon County Alabama. Ironically Carrie Fenn's father was also born in Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama.

The story of Ben returning to Alabama is unknown. It is also unknown how he met our Aunt Carrie. They had only one child, a daughter named Dorothy and how her name is special to them, is another mystery to uncover.
  • Johnson Notes (110 KB)
    Taking notes from friends and trying to verify
  • Marriage Record (1 KB)
    David Johnson and Mary Ann Macon
  • Ruth Coonfield (27 KB)sister of Luella Cochran
    1915 daughter of Ben and Lattie
  • Family Tree of Powhatan Little (1443 KB)
    in his own handwriting Lucius Powhatan Little wrote down his lineage - his mother Martha Wright Little had a sister named Catherine and another sister named Mary. Catherine married Hiram Little and Mary married a Waltrip
    • Cochran and Brooks file (202 KB)
      Family tree links and notes
    • Cochran to Coonfield and Captain George Little (223 KB)
      Family tree links and notes
    • Surnames (44 KB)
      Names in our family tree with links to their photos or documents.
    • Old Records - Preserving the Past (39 KB)
      Names in our family tree with links to their photos or documents.
    • Brooks Lineage (136 KB)
      Brooks, Cooper, Ballard, Carter, Bozeman, Lee, Phillips to Cochran
    • Carter Lineage (24 KB)
      Grandpa Cecil Earl Fenn Carter to Anne Cochran
    • Anderson Lineage (27 KB)
      Grandpa Elisha Anderson to granny Lorena Bozeman McClain
    • Brooks Lineage in Tennessee (36 KB)
      Grandpa John Brookes of Holland in Pennsylvania while his son went to Tennessee working as a tailor and married Roxanna Permilia Smith - they went to Texas and that is where he is buried - she came back to TN and remarried a Doctor Smith.
    • Fenn and Stone Lineage in Alabama (26 KB)
      Grandpa Cecil Earl Fenn Carter families from Georgia into Alabama - in Macon, Barbour, Bullock, and Montgomery counties - his mother Anna Stone went back to Macon, Georgia and died there because our cousin Tibb remembers her father going to the funeral about 1934
    Jacob Cochran's mother was Martha Henderson
    he was born in Ohio 1822
    Our families were together in Pennsylvania and again in Ohio. Several intermarried and we find them on census records.

    Perhaps they came from Ireland together and that may be how they all settled into Pennsylvania beginning their journey in the free world. History shows that many Irish fled to Scotland, and called themselves Scotch-Irish when they arrived in America.

    Their descendents went west into many new territories. Some are buried in Quaker City - nice thought to ponder. Perhaps they were the Quakers we read about who got along so well with the Indians in the 1700s.

    There was much Indian unrest back then and several tribes moved into Ohio and Kentucky; many intermarried with the whites and continued westward.

    Below you will find a 1790 record on STURGEON and if you look closely you will see an Alexander that confuses this author...
      LOCATED IN MOYAMENSING, PHILADELPHIA, PA some think that Hugh Cochran was the father of Alexander and William. In 1790 I found a Hugh in South Carolina but he is still there in 1810. They surely did have large families.
    • 1860 Ohio -Elizabeth Henderson, wife of John (534 KB)
      lives near Mariah Cochran and Elzira - this must be Elizabeth Cook who married John Jr.
    • 1810 Alexander Cochran in Gettysburg Township (162 KB)
      located in Adams County, PA with 14 family members and searching the census pages near him I find NO familiar names other than a Thomas Cochran with 13 family members. Names of wife and children were not added to these census records so one can only speculate unless they locate a will in the state's will book for more evidence of this man's legacy.
    • 1860 Ohio - Mariah and Elzira Cochran (526 KB)
      next to Alexander Cochran and near many Henderson families - Jacob Benjamin Cochran is in California working as a Miner, likely searching for Gold with his brother John.
    • 1820 JACOB COCHRAN (547 KB)
      Found in Pittsburg, Allegheny County PA this couple has only one child. So this obviously young Jacob could be the son of our Alexander.
    • 1860 Ohio - Robert Henderson (511 KB)
      another Henderson family in Ohio - he is near Thomas and Elizabeth and Elzira
    • 1790 Sturgeon in Dauphin PA (229 KB)
      Peter and Thomas are found here. Thomas may be the father of Sarah Sturgeon who married John Clendenning. I tried to trace the parents of Thomas and his mother Sarah Ferguson and believe that her father was a Thomas Ferguson found in the area. Alexander Douglass is on this page too!
    • 1790 Alexander Cochran in Mifflin PA (147 KB)
      this shows he has 11 children in 1790 ?? This census record only shows head of household and not where he came from, so we can assume he is from Scotland or from Ireland - maybe a large family came over the sea or perhaps the other family trees online are only made up from speculation. In the 1800s there were dozens of Alexanders in census records and dozens more of the Williams so they could all possibly be related to this one Alexander. It would be very difficult for anyone to be certain of the connections to this one man.
    • 1800 Molley Douglass (283 KB)
      Edgefield SC - since I ran across Alexander Douglass with the Sturgeons, I felt like finding his wife after he passed away. IF this is our Mary Molley, she has not yet married George Little - Remember that her husband went on a survey with Molley's brother John Handley to Kentucky and was murdered on the way back to Pennsylvania - she feared the Indians and left.
    • 1800 Mifflin PA Alexander Cochran (346 KB)
      near James Adams
    • 1860 Jacob Cochran (558 KB)
      Hamilton Township, Butte, California - Jacob is a Miner living with his brother John Henderson Cochran so now we know why the other census record showed Mariah alone this year....apparently they all went searching for Gold before moving to Iowa Territory.
    • 1860 Brice Cochran (531 KB)
      Oxford, Guernsey, Ohio
    • 1790 John Handley Junior (188 KB)
      Newbern District, Wayne County, North Carolina this is a large census page
    • 1860 Agness and daughter Eliza Cochran (604 KB)
      both from Ireland and in Pennsylvania; are they related ? Was this Agnes a Henderson?
    • 1810 George Handley (61 KB)
      Monroe Virginia, while his brothers went to Kentucky near the Little families
    • 1860 Thomas Henderson (524 KB)
      on Ohio census page next to Mariah and Elzira, so he must be Uncle Thomas.
    • 1810 Clendennin, John in PA (213 KB)
      hard to find Clendenning on census records but people often changed the spelling of their names - Nancy Clendenning married a William Henderson about 1797 in PA....some were found in North Carolina and I wonder if they migrated to Pennsylvania....the search continues for this line.
    Search Notes (52 KB)
    Saving a few names found on census in 1790 thru 1820 which may help us later on with this family tree.
    Jacob Cochran married Clora Jane Miller about 1879 - her mother was Mary Clara Parker.  Mary's mother was Sarah Tefft and her father was Dr. Wanton Parker.
    Parker families came from Worcestor Massachusetts, while Miller families from Rockingham Virginia, into the midwest.

    Mary Clara Parker married James Miller in 1850 Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois. Their daughter Clora Jane Miller became my great grandmother. She smoked a corn cob pipe,and one was made of clay; she learned about making her own medicine from her mother. Family story is that her mother shared medicine with the Indians. Clora's grandchildren spoke of her staying with them after becoming widowed and had no where to live. She spent a few months here and there with each of her children and their families and survived nearly thirty years longer than her husband.
    Clora Jane Miller (43 KB)
    Her many ancestors
  • Research Records (3 KB)
    Documenting the trails of the old ones.
  • Chief Red Eagle (27 KB)
    May have been my grandmother's half brother.
  • From Virginia and South Carolina (30 KB)
    Into Kentucky, or Alabama, they migrated in 1800, 1810, 1820, and their paths are documented.
  • Many Old Records (1 KB)
    Documents, Colonial Records and Census Files
  • Quick Links (3 KB)
    Changes in cyber space altering urls
  • Great great great great grandpa to Charles Wayne Brooks was Elijah Lee.  Elijah was born 1777 in South Carolina and migrated to Chambers County Alabama.
    Their descendants were in Montgomery County by 1850

    Elijah Lee was born in 1777 South Carolina. He married Malinda Phillips in Greene County Georgia, the daughter of Mark Phillips.

    They settled in Chambers County Alabama about 1830 not far from Andrew and Alsey Cooper also from South Carolina.

    Marriage: Charner P. Cooper and Sarah F. Lee

    Sarah's son was Levi Benjamin Cooper and he married Sarah Elizabeth Carter in Montgomery and had Susie.

    Sarah's father also came from South Carolina, born 1820 Thomas R. Carter's parents bought land in Talladega. His father was John Wise Carter of South Carolina and his parents were Elizabeth Wise and John Carter.
    • More of Our Family Connections (1 KB)
      Sarah Lee and Charner Cooper married - he served in the Civil War and their son Levi moved to Montgomery and worked on the farm of Thomas R. Carter and fell in love with Carter's daughter Sarah, whom he married and had a daughter named Susie Mae Cooper. They came from the Lee and Cooper families of Chambers County and lived not far from each other. Family says that Elijah Lee might have bought his land from a Creek Indian and they surely lived in Creek Indian Territory.
    • Civil War (86 KB)
      C P Cooper
    • 1850 (101 KB)
    • Cooper Lineage (26 KB)
      Families from SC
    • 1820- Elijah Lee in Georgia (106 KB)
      to 1920 descendants
    • Cooper and Lee (1 KB)
      Family Connections
    • Family Webpages (1 KB)
      Related Links
  • Cherokee Stephens Family (170 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama, from NC
  • Cherokee Children (53 KB)
  • 1915 Kansas (28 KB)
    Aunt Ruth Coonfield with Charles Gray, holding Luella's twins
  • Charles Allen McClain wed Lorena Bozeman 1908 (17 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • Cherokee Mom (16 KB)
    Annie Lee Carter changed her name to Anne Alice Carter, because she had no idea that her grandmother was Annie Lee Stone Fenn Carter born about 1875, so she chose to use her own mother's name Alice. Annie Lee Stone might have been the full blood Cherokee we are searching for. Of course Annie Lee Stone might have married a half blood Wm Fenn in 1893 as we see the Cherokee blood runs strong in his mother's line of Harrell.
  • Sam (121 KB)
    riding horses
  • Uncle Billy Carter born 1935 (63 KB)
    Handsome Cherokee son of Cecil Earl Fenn Carter grew up to be security guard in Enid Oklahoma
  • Stephens, W E (72 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • Cherokee Great Grandparents (12 KB)
    Grandparents of Frankie Lavern Cochran left Kentucky for Arkansas, Benjamin Coonfield and Latte Cedonia Little.
  • 1980 (295 KB)
    Frank Cochran at Shriners Construction Site
  • Obituary Teegardin (177 KB)
    Frank's cousin Dorline Gray Teegardin
  • McClains, Charles and son Walton (25 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • Emma Lorena Bozeman McClain (7 KB)
    Ramer Alabama Her Cherokee mother was Emma Alice Lorena Stephens
  • 1850 (380 KB)
    Michael Stone in Macon County Alabama, Anna Stone Fenn's great grandfather came from Maryland
  • Obituary Cochran (62 KB)
    Frank's sister Mary Lou
  • OOTCHA Annie Broadway (49 KB)
    Ramer Alabama
  • Wm Franklin Fenn Jr b 1896 (10 KB)
    Thompson, Bullock County, Alabama
  • 1820 (482 KB)
    Charles McClain and Elizabeth Moon in Spartanburg had son Josiah who had James who had Josiah Marion McClain who served in the Civil War and marrie Elizabeth Broadway who had a son named Charles Allen McClain in Dublin Alabama
  • Uncle Sam and Nancy Little (10 KB)
    Luella's Uncle
  • FENN, Virginia Leigh, daughter of WF Fenn JR (4 KB)
    Bullock Alabama
  • Cecil Earl Fenn Carter, brother of W F Fenn Jr (13 KB)
    Thompson, Bullock County, Alabama born 1899 or 1900 died 1939
  • 1860 (472 KB)
    Elizabeth Broadway with parents Mary S. Stephens and Abner Broadway may have been Creek Indian Blood
  • 1972 (48 KB)
    July 14, 1972 Charles and Kathy with Anne and Mary on Kiwanis Street
  • Carter, Mark b 1950 (5 KB)
    NC, son of Cecil Carter Jr
  • Robert Lee Fenn, brother of W F Fenn Jr (13 KB)
    Thompson, Bullock County, Alabama headstone found buried beside his brother, although Robert never appeared on the census
  • 1850 (683 KB)
    Joe Stephens age 4 served in the Civil War and had a daughter named Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman
  • 1977 (47 KB)
    Charles and Kathy in friend's wedding
  • 1956 Dad (30 KB)
    Living in Mesa Arizona, one of my dad's receipts for pay at his job.
  • Emma Alice McClain Carter, wife of Cecil (2 KB)
    Ramer Alabama, daughter of Lorena Bozeman McClain
  • 2000 (31 KB)
  • 1996 (79 KB)
    Funeral of Frankie Cochran December 1996. On Christmas Eve he hugged Kathy and said I love you more than you will ever know and at 3 am he was gone. Brother Darrell and sister Mary Lou shown by Deloris
  • 1957 Arizona (23 KB)
    Living in Mesa Arizona, Uncle Billy took this picture of my family and his first wife Lillian.
  • William Lawrence Carter, son of Cecil & Alice (16 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama
  • Mary and James Brooks (67 KB)
    Acapulco Vacation
  • Bubber - Bessie Mae Hood Thornton (114 KB)
    second photo is her daughter Mary Ella Thornton Brooks with her children
  • 1959 Alabama (20 KB)
    Easter Sunday with Roscoe and Katy Coley's grandson, Mike Carr - Kathy, Jr. Vic
  • Carter (33 KB)
    Victoria, daughter of Cecil Jr.
  • Uncle Emmett Fenn Obit 1959 (21 KB)
    Grandpa Cecil's brother
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    The first Home Steaders of the City, arriving from Iowa Territory after many years in Guernsey Ohio.

    Jacob and his first wife with six daughters appeared on the 1870 census of Iowa, then his second wife on the 1880, as they prepared for the long journey south.

    Much of their families lived near them and some even followed Jacob to Kansas.

    Some of his children and grandchildren and great grands remain in Kansas while some ventured elsewhere and began a vast lineage of their own in Arizona, California, Colorado,Missouri, Oklahoma and Alabama.



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