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Our Great Grandmother married three times.  Two of her children Carrie and Cecil Earl were called "half" siblings by the other children, but they were all born while Anna was with Fenn....go figure.
Had six children with William Franklin Fenn during her seven years of marriage. She left him in Barbour County Alabama with the children, taking only the baby and moved to join her family of Stone in Macon City, Bibb, Georgia. There she remarried and gave the baby the name of Carter. Little baby Carter told his family that his grandfather was a full blood Cherokee Chief. Of course young Carter was a tall handsome dark man like his siblings, but he did drink too much, so the chief part may or may not have been fantasy. The Fenn boys were tall, over 6' and very dark.

The Carters, Stones, Fenns were all in 1700s Georgia in Creek Indian Lands. Elijah Fenn was the son of Travis and "Mary" and the grandson of Zachariah Fann - Elijah married Martha Rich, daughter of Stephen and "Abiah" Rich. Elijah's son John married Emeline Harrell and Elijah's daughter Letitia married Thomas Rich.

Emeline named a son William Franklin Fenn in 1855. His wife Anna was called Annie. Annie's parents were Mary Ann Hendrick and Augustus Marvin Stone. Parents of Augustus were Sarah Davies and Benjamin Wilburn Stone. Ben was the son of Mary Polly Wells and Michael Stone who lived in Captain John Stones District of Putnam County Georgia. Parents of Mary Ann were Mary Ann Winters and C C Hendrick. Winters' parents were Amelia Lyle and Albert Winters, who married in 1816 Jackson County Georgia which was then Cherokee Nation East. During this era it was quite common to marry a native american and give them a Christian name.

Anna Lou's baby was named Cecil Earl and he is only found in Texas census records for 1920 and 1930 during his military service first at San Antonio and then at Fort Bliss in El Paso. On the 1900 census Anna's son Robert is not listed so she may have been pregnant at the time and she may have also raised him but I have been unable to locate her on a census after she married or lived with Mr. Carter - she was very young and may have had more children with Carter. There are some possibilites with the census records but the woman is listed as black and widowed - then there is one Arnie Carter which could be Annie in Macon GA and she is alone, a laundress. Even so, in 1910 and 1920 there is no Robert listed as her son and the family knew him personally and he did exist and I found his tombstone by his brother Frank Jr. Then her son Arthur is not found after 1910 even though family says he married, had children, and died in his 20s.
  • William and Anna Stone Fenn (327 KB)
    1900 Alabama census
  • Elijah Fann (158 KB)
    1820 census of Laurens Georgia
  • Ida Fenn daughter of John and Emeline (464 KB)
    1900 census of Girard in Russell County Alabama- Ida may have been 14 or 15 when she married a man 20 years older - how and why I do not know - she was the sister of William and his second wife was much too young for him - hard to understand this family's traditions.
  • Augustus Stone (273 KB)
    1910 census
  • Elijah Fann (293 KB)
    1830 census of Decatur Georgia
  • Ida Fenn daughter of John and Emeline (387 KB)
    1910 Lee County - named a son Kapolem???
  • Matthew Fenn (116 KB)
    Plantation owner of Barbour County employed indians - page from early settlers book as indicated
  • Elijah Fann (386 KB)
    1840 census of Early Georgia
  • Carolyn Fenn daughter of Annie and William in 1930 (517 KB)
    She married a mixed indian from Choctaw Nation Texas and moved to Creek Nation Oklahoma.
  • William Franklin Fenn (64 KB)
    Tombstone by Madison and Emmett
  • Michael Stone (219 KB)
    1820 census of Putnam Georgia father of Benjamin
  • Robert Lee Fenn 1920 WWI Navy Hospital (440 KB)
    Son of Annie and William was buried on brother Frank's farm beside him - this is the first time I have located our Robert on a census record. Family says he married after the war and lived in Chicago until just before his death.
  • Madison A Fenn - son of John (521 KB)
    known as Uncle Mat and mistakenly buried as Mathew beside his brother William
  • Augustus Stone (484 KB)
    1880 Alabama with daughter Anna
  • Hendrick Christopher in 1850 Troy, Pike, Alabama (324 KB)
    Grandfather C C Hendrick,father of Mary Ann Stone, and spouse of Mary Ann Winters living with Jeremiah Frazer
  • Madison A Fenn 1920 (420 KB)
    Widowed - returned to Montgomery Alabama living around the corner from his brother William Franklin Fenn - they were all close to the Train Station
  • Benjamin Stone - son of Michael (356 KB)
    1850 Alabama - father of Augustus
  • Hendrick 1870 (433 KB)
    Grandpa Christopher took his family to Wood County Texas and perhaps he died there, unable to find him after this census record.
  • William Franklin Fenn 1920 (364 KB)
    Downtown Montgomery near the Train Station on Commerce Street which crosses Madison Avenue - William with his second wife and his daughter Carrie and his son Emmett who did work for the railroad. William died in 1922 and Emmett handled the paperwork.
  • Stephen Rich, father of Martha Fann (305 KB)
    1830 Decatur Georgia
  • Albert and Amelia Winters 1820 Franklin Georgia (300 KB)
    parents of Mary Ann Hendrick
  • William Franklin Fenn Junior 1920 (415 KB)
    Downtown Montgomery near the Train Station on McDonough Street which crosses Madison Avenue - Frank worked for the railroad, shoveled coal into the fire- hauled prisoners of war - wife was Neva Mae Walraven - Frank told his children that the baby his mother took away was only a half sibling and that Carrie was also a half sibling creating quite a mystery for genealogists. Soon after this census Frank's father died and Frank Jr bought a large farm in Elmore County. Frank's children receives nice gifts from their grandma Carter and said they remembered Frank leaving on the train to attend grandma's funeral in Macon Georgia.
  • John Fenn, son of Elijah (260 KB)
    1850 Decatur Georgia, John and Emeline are at the bottom of this census page but their new infant son William is on the next page and they also live near John's sister, Letisha or Letty Fenn and her husband Thomas Rich - perhaps they married cousins.
  • Amelia Winters must be widowed in 1840 (368 KB)
    Jackson County Georgia census helps us with their ages and number of family members and it shows no slaves - Jackson County was once part of Franklin which was Cherokee Territory.
  • William Franklin Fenn 1910 and son Arthur Lee Fenn (435 KB)
    Barbour County Alabama William with second wife, family called her Eva Dakota - she is younger than his children - son Arthur Lee died young - Carrie is not present so she could have joined her mother - Robert does not appear on census either but I did find his tombstone by Frank Jr. Family says that brother Robert moved to Chicago but came back to his brother Frank's farm.
  • John Fenn, son of Elijah (529 KB)
    1880 Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama
  • Thomas S Fenn son of John (343 KB)
    1910 Montague Texas, brother of William and Madison married Lula and had a son named Thomas Jr.
  • Land Grant (31 KB)
    Fenn in Laurens Georgia
  • Our great grandfather Charlie McClain's father came out of Georgia during the Civil War leaving behind a wife and children, who eventually filed divorce.  The McClains originally were from Virginia, migrating into South Carolina, with the marriage of a Charles McClain to Elizabeth Moon around 1760 and she gave him several sons who migrated into Georgia long before the Trail of Tears.

    Mars Hill Cemetery in Cobb County GA

    connects to Josiah McClain of South Carolina who's father was Charles McClain who might have been in the American Revolution; Charles had married Elizabeth MOON in Virginia around 1780 and then migrated into the Carolinas where their children were born.

    Josiah was born in 1788 SC and found on census in Georgia. The name on his headstone is JOSAH

    Josiah had James in 1810, John Milton, William Smith, etc.
    Josiah also had Charles Pinkney McLain in 1818 SC

    They all had many children.

    James named his son Josiah Marion McClain born 1838 who became my great grandfather thru his own son Charles Allen McClain.
  • George Milton, son of W S (215 KB)
  • Alice (139 KB)
    daughter of John
  • Robert G and Ida (133 KB)
  • Jane, wife of Charles P (118 KB)
  • Antoinette (153 KB)
  • 1910 Charles Allen McClain (136 KB)
    Charles Allen McClain in Montgomery Alabama who was married to Lorena Emma Bozeman in 1908 - his mother was Elizabeth Broadway and his father was Josiah Marion McLain
  • William Eccles McLain (108 KB)
    McLain family plot of headstones in Mars Hill Cemetery, Ackworth, Cobb County, GA
  • Laura, first wife of James (113 KB)
  • Charles P born 1818 (115 KB)
  • 1788 Josiah McLain born to Charles and Elizabeth (104 KB)
    buried with wife Nancy Ann Wood in Mars Hill Cemetery
  • William Smith McLain, son of Charles,GSon/Josiah (110 KB)
    McLain family plot of headstones in Mars Hill Cemetery, Ackworth, Cobb County, GA...Grandson of Josiah McLain, great grandson of Charles
  • Mattie, second wife of James (108 KB)
  • David Brewster 1905 (184 KB)
  • Hubert McLain (134 KB)
  • 1820 Spartanburg South Carolina, Josiah McClain (514 KB)
  • John Eccles, son of W S (178 KB)
  • 1859 David E (135 KB)
  • Nola D McLain (127 KB)
  • 1820 Spartanburg South Carolina, Charles McClain (482 KB)
    father of the McLains and he might have fought in the REV WAR and he might have come from the family in Pennsylvania..........this man was very hard to trace. Charles married Elizabeth MOON and had Josiah who had James who had Josiah Marion who had Charles Allen McClain
  • Lou Ella, daughter of James and Laura (140 KB)
  • D Glenn (140 KB)
  • Hubert McLain (134 KB)
  • 1840 Cobb County, Georgia (473 KB)
    Josiah and James McClain found here with many children in households
  • Mandy, daughter of James and Laura (131 KB)
  • Effie D 1865 (137 KB)
  • 1900 Charles Allen McClain (205 KB)
    Montgomery Alabama census
  • 1860 Georgia (375 KB)
    shows us that Josiah is age 72
  • Mary J wife of W S (114 KB)
  • 1839 John Milton CSA (405 KB)
  • 1860 Georgia (399 KB)
    Charles Pinkney McLain in Ackworth
  • William S (110 KB)
  • James 1843 (41 KB)
  • 1870 Georgia (437 KB)
    Charles Pinkney McLain in Ackworth
  • Mary Lizzie, daughter of W S (241 KB)
  • WWI draft Card (194 KB)
    Charles Allen McClain in Montgomery Alabama who was married to Lorena Emma Bozeman in 1908 - his mother was Elizabeth Broadway and his father was Josiah Marion McLain...NOTE the year of his birth is incorrect
  • Thanks for visiting I am researching many of my grandparents. Hans Brooks of Holland and his son John Brooks born 1837 in Pennsylvania. John Baptist Bond, Caroline Bond and Thomas Smith, grandson of John Smith, Annie Clark Ballard, granddaughter of Larkin Francis Ballard, Rowena Densy Baxter, Peter Bozeman of the American Revolution, his son William Henry to Peter Edward, Elisha Anderson to Seaborn Montgomery Anderson, Lavinia Brack, Hester Doty, William Sellers, Charles McClain and Josiah, Gideon Moon, Elijah Lee, Andrew Cooper, Frank Cochran, Isaac Coonfield, Captain George Little of Scotland, Christopher Coonfield of Holland, Alexander Cochran of Scotland, Abraham Crigler, Lydia Carpenter, Polly Duval, Jesse Simmons, Kitty Stone, Hester Ward, James Young, Charles and Catherine Weatherford of Virginia, John C. Wright, John Wright Little, Reason Roby, John Fann of England, Zachariah Fenn, Anna Lou Stone, Frank Fenn, Augustus Marvin Stone, Mary Angeline Partridge and George Thornton, Milton Elijah Thornton, Bessie Mae Hood and Ella Olivia Baxley, and many more.
    Most believe the Boseman or Bozeman families came from Holland and this we may never know. Edword Bozeman was found in the 1790 census of Baltimore, Maryland; John in Talbot, MD; Lawrence Bouseman in Baltimore. Some served in the American Revolution and received a pension along with grants of land, for instance, the South Carolina Archives lists some as Gabriel, John, Paul, Jesse, Ralph, James, Mordecai and probably more with different spellings of our last name. Of course it would be nice to learn more about Mordecai even his middle name and if he was the son of Samuel Edward Bozeman and Mary White, after all, her brother was named Mordecai and the name Edward has continued over many centuries.

    So many names were Biblical yet then we find another set of Bozemans named Ralph, Fred, George, and Lewis. Names were so very special, most often, after another dearly loved family member.

    These families were farmers and many had well educated, successful careers, mostly throughout the South, as they explored each new territory as it became available.

    Reverend Bozeman did a marvelous job writing his "Sketches of the Bozeman Family" in 1885 and a couple of pages were scanned to share indicating the whereabouts of Mordecai. He does not say anything about Mordecai being a fatality of the Revolution so we can only assume that he died later from natural causes, and hopefully that information will come to light soon.

    The 1810 census of Darlington SC shows only four Bosemans, John, James, Peter and Chapman. 1800 shows a Thomas living in Somerset NC. The name Thomas is carried on through the next century.

    * From 1798 to 1819, a steady influx of Europeans into Alabama settled on land formerly occupied by several Native American tribes. Alabama became a part of the Mississippi Territory in 1798 after Indian cessions in north Alabama. Migration increased after the end of the Creek War in 1814. In 1817, the Alabama Territory was created, and Alabama became the 22nd in December 1819. PETER BOZEMAN was in Alabama on the 1830 census.

  • Passenger List (6 KB)
    shows a few Bozemans as immigrants
  • Ethelredge Bozman in North Carolina (1 KB)
    American Revolution Soldier
  • Marriages in Alabama (4 KB)
    Lacy weds Carter while her father Jesse marries a second time and others
  • Civil War Roster (29 KB)
    Bozeman, Bozman
  • WWI Draft (4 KB)
    Bozeman registrations
  • WWI listing (21 KB)
  • War of 1812 listing (2 KB)
  • Father of Lorena Emma Bozeman was John Thomas Bozeman.

    He was the son of Peter Edward Bozeman who was the son

    of William Henry Bozeman and Martha Hill of Darlington SC.

    William was the son of Peter and Sarah Bozeman.

    Peter was the son of Mordecai and both were from NC
    and served in the Militia of the SC Continental Line. They
    are listed in the SC Archives under Colonial Soldiers
    of the South.
    • 1885 (425 KB)
      Sketches page 64
    • 1885 (385 KB)
      Sketches finale
    • 1885 (631 KB)
      Sketches page 84
    • 1885 (338 KB)
      Sketches page 66
    • 1885 (161 KB)
      Sketches Intro
    • 1885 (621 KB)
      Sketches page 86
    • 1885 (387 KB)
      Sketches page 68
    • 1885 (394 KB)
      Sketches page 51
    • 1885 (639 KB)
      Sketches page 68
    • 1885 (410 KB)
      Sketches page 52
    • 1885 (593 KB)
      Sketches page 72
    • 1885 (415 KB)
      Sketches page 53-54
    • 1885 (507 KB)
      Sketches page 74
    • 1885 (399 KB)
      Sketches page 56
    • 1885 (369 KB)
      Sketches page 76
    • 1885 (391 KB)
      Sketches page 58
    • 1885 (543 KB)
      Sketches page 78
    • 1885 (384 KB)
      Sketches page 60
    • 1885 (541 KB)
      Sketches page 80
    • 1885 (398 KB)
      Sketches page 62
    • 1885 (685 KB)
      Sketches page 82
    • 1885 (334 KB)
      Sketches page 118
    • 1885 (404 KB)
      Sketches page 100
    • 1885 (382 KB)
      Sketches page 140
    • 1885 (379 KB)
      Sketches page 120
    • 1885 (539 KB)
      Sketches page 102
    • 1885 (406 KB)
      Sketches page 138
    • 1885 (313 KB)
      Sketches page 122
    • 1885 (505 KB)
      Sketches page 104
    • 1885 (243 KB)
      Sketches page 142
    • 1885 (381 KB)
      Sketches page 124
    • 1885 (522 KB)
      Sketches page 106
    • 1885 (385 KB)
      Sketches Last Page
    • 1885 (280 KB)
      Sketches page 126
    • 1885 (499 KB)
      Sketches page 108
    • 1885 (484 KB)
      Sketches page 144
    • 1885 (343 KB)
      Sketches page 128 - Mordecai
    • 1885 (407 KB)
      Sketches page 110
    • 1885 First Page (161 KB)
      Sketches introduction
    • 1885 (299 KB)
      Sketches page 130 - Peter in the American Revolution
    • 1885 (404 KB)
      Sketches page 114
    • 1885 (391 KB)
      Sketches page 132
    • 1885 (358 KB)
      Sketches page 112
    • 1885 (359 KB)
      Sketches page 134
    • 1885 (350 KB)
      Sketches page 116
    • 1885 (250 KB)
      Sketches page 136
    Virginia to Maryland to North Carolina and beyond...

    Fact, fiction or folklore, by the time the American Revolution was over, there were dozens of Bozeman families throughout the South.

    They resided among several different tribes of native americans and have many indian brides in their ancestral charts.

    In January 2008 the DAR has finally listed Peter Bozeman.

    Mordecai Bozeman born 1735 NC, while there were only a few colonies on the coast, while it was still Indian Nation and his son Peter born 1758 served in the American Revolution. Documents show that both were paid 4 pounds for their service. Nothing more is found on Mordecai but his son Peter moved his family to Montgomery Alabama about 1826 - 1827. His son William Henry is my connection.
    However, we must note that Peter's second son was named Jesse in 1793. There was another Jesse in the Revolutionary War who lived by Peter on the 1800 Darlington Census so there is a strong possibility they were brothers. Or that Mordecai went by another name, middle name, and could have been there. Peter's first son was named Meade so that might have some connection to his mother or his mother in law - perhaps their maiden names....
    William and Martha Hill ( daughter of John Hill of South Carolina) had Peter Edward Bozeman who married Nancy Jane Anderson ( daughter of Lavinia Jane Sellers, who's mother was Lavinia Brack) and had John Thomas - John married Alice Lorena Stephens and had Lorena Emma Bozeman - Lorena married Charles Allen McClain, the only son of Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain. Their daughter Alice Emma McClain married a dark handsome Cherokee named Cecil Earl Fenn Carter about 1931 and had Anne Alice Carter in 1934. Cecil's parents were Anna Stone and Wm Franklin Fenn. Anne was orphaned at the age of 5 and lived with her McClain Grandparents. Anne Carter married Frankie Lavern Cochran in 1951.

    Frank was the son of Luella Ellen Coonfield and Frank Delbert Cochran of Chetopa Kansas and Frank had one eighth Cherokee blood. Luella's parents were mixed Cherokee, Lattie Cedonia Little of Kentucky and Benjamin Wallace Coonfield of Arkansas. Frank Delbert's parents were Clora Jane Miller of Illinois and Jacob Benjamin Cochran of Ohio. Clora's parents were Mary Clara Parker of New York and James Miller of Rockingham Virginia. Parents of Mary Clara were Rosannah Lemmon and Archelaus Parker, a son of Sarah Tefft and Archelaus Richardson Parker of Massachusetts and New York Indian Country 1600s.

    Anne Carter Cochran's daughter Kathy married Charles Wayne Brooks of Montgomery Alabama. His parents were Mary Ella Thornton and James Edgar Brooks. Mary Ella's parents were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton. Parents of James were Susie Mae Cooper and James E Brooks Sr. Parents of Susie were Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Levi Benjamin Cooper. Parents of Milton were George Thornton and a native american named Mary Angeline Partridge out of Georgia.
    Parents of James Sr were Annie Clark Ballard and John Edwin Brooks from Maury County TN. John's parents were Roxanna Permilia Smith of TN and John Brookes of PA and his family came from Holland. The Ballards were from North Carolina 1700s.

    Thus all of the Brooks children descend from many surnames including the Bozemans and Carters.

    • Lorena's daughter Alice (19 KB)
      Alice Emma McClain married Cecil Carter and she died at the age of 19 giving birth to their third child.
    • Henry Boseman (225 KB)
      Rev War Land Grant
    • Alice's daughter Anne (37 KB)
      Alice Emma McClain had Annie in 1934. Great granddaughter of Alice Lorena Stephens and John Thomas Bozeman.
    • Mordecai1 (40 KB)
      Bozeman in SC Militia, father of Peter, John, James and probably Ralph and Paul. Mordecai could have been the son of Mary White and Samuel Bozeman of Bladen County North Carolina and born 1735, while it was still Cherokee Indian Territory. The researchers of his son John claim that John was half Cherokee so the other sons would also be half blood. This makes sense since nothing is known about his wife and his marriage is not recorded anywhere thus far - some speculate that his wife was called Elizabeth
    • Richard Boseman marriage of 1778 (531 KB)
      Frederick County Maryland
    • Jacob Boazman (167 KB)
      Rev War Land Grant
    • Lorena's son Walton (18 KB)
      Walton McClain holding Anne, his niece. Grandson of John Thomas Bozeman and Alice Lorena Stephens - of Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain.
    • 1908 Wedding Day (13 KB)
      Lorena Emma Bozeman and Charles Allen McClain
    • 1880 William Thomas Bozeman (684 KB)
      4 Jimmy Ray - William is staying with Stacy
    • Jesse and Gabriel Bozeman and Brack (151 KB)
      Rev War Land Grant
    • Alice's daughter Anne 2 (44 KB)
      Anne Carter married Frank Cochran who was the grandson of Clora Jane Miller and Jacob Benjamin Cochran - and of Lattie Cedonia Little and Benjamin Wallace Coonfield.
    • 1779 Peter Bozeman (107 KB)
      Lorena's great great grandfather in the American Rev sold his land in 1826 and moved to Hope Hull, in Montgomery County, Alabama, wrote letters found in the Archives in 1828 claiming to be injured and an invalid but they had no proof and rejected his claim but he managed to get his land in Alabama which was sold and divided in 1838 according to the documents in Alabama Archives.
    • Georgia Land Grants (104 KB)
      Bozeman and Brack - Rev War Veterans
    • William Sellers (445 KB)
      Rev War Land Grant
    • Peter James Bozeman Tombstone (14 KB)
      brother of John Thomas, son of Peter Edward and Nancy Jane Bozeman in Ramer.
    • 1779 Peter Bozeman (103 KB)
      Lorena's great great grandfather in the American Rev resided in Darlington SC before Alabama
    • 1785 Peter gets payment (176 KB)
      Rev War Service
    • Westbrook (154 KB)
      Rev War Land Grant
    • Tombstone of John's wife, ALB (78 KB)
      Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman - The family story is that her great grandfather John Stephens served in the American Revolution in North Carolina and married a full blood Cherokee woman, gave her a Biblical name, and due to Indian unrest they migrated into South Carolina and then Alabama. John named a son John who married Jane Tillman and they were proud of his Indian blood, shared stories and the sons loved music and art.
    • 1866 John (31 KB)
      Lorena's father born and died in Ramer, John Thomas Bozeman was married to Alice Lorena Stephens
    • Victor Daniel Cochran (119 KB)
      Son of Anne Carter and Frank Cochran was the grandson of Luella Coonfield and Frank Delbert Cochran - and of Alice Emma McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter.
    • Ralph Bosman (147 KB)
      Rev War Land Grant
    • Anne's death certificate (440 KB)
      Lorena's granddaughter by Alice Emma McClain Carter, - Anne was the great great granddaughter of Nancy Jane Anderson and Peter Edward Bozeman - and of Mary Ann Hendrick and Augustus Marvin Stone- and of Emeline Harrell and John Fenn.
    • 1866 John Bozeman (31 KB)
      Lorena's father born and died in Ramer, John Thomas Bozeman was married to Alice Lorena Stephens - Whomever placed his tombstone had it inscribed "Estimated Age"
    • Peter Bozeman Captured 1779 (401 KB)
      Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Rev War Land Grants (166 KB)
      Grandpa Edmund Anderson and his sons - descendant Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman
    • 1866 John Bozeman Tombstone at Hills Chapel Cem. (19 KB)
      Lorena's father born and died in Ramer, John Thomas Bozeman was married to Alice Lorena Stephens
    • Morris Bowsman (160 KB)
      Rev War Land Grant
    • Rev War Land Grants (151 KB)
      Grandpa Brack - descendant Lavinia Jane Brack Sellers to Nancy Jane Anderson Bozeman - Grandpa Brack had married Hester Doty in North Carolina 1700s.
    • John's mother Nancy Jane Anderson (18 KB)
      Lorena's grandmother kept them for a while when Alice Stephens Bozeman died, until John married Ellen Bean. Nancy was married to Peter Edward Bozeman and filed for his Civil War Pension
    • Mordecai Bozeman (362 KB)
      Colonial Soldiers of the South - served in the Militia
    • Henry and Thomas Bozeman in Rev War (449 KB)
      Colonial Soldiers of the South
    • Wm and Levin Bozeman (206 KB)
      Historical Sketches of North Carolina
    • Cemetery (213 KB)
      Mt Hebron Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery is very small. George Thornton and wife Mary Angeline Partridge graves are found here.
    • Grandpa McClain (62 KB)
      Emily Alice McClain's father stands with her brother. Charles McClain's parents and grandparents spent many years in Creek Territory.
    • Cemetery (52 KB)
      Stokes-Carter Cemetery has no official name, no Stokes buried here, mostly Carters and Bozemans. Tombstones being trampled and damaged by the cattle and falling trees.
    • Charles McClain in 1908 (12 KB)
      Married Lorena Bozeman
    • Cemetery (816 KB)
      Coosa River Primitive Baptist Church has some of the original settlers of Holtville born about 1800.
    • Uncle John Coonfield (39 KB)
      Uncle to Frankie
    • Cecil Carter (230 KB)
      Anne's father was born around 1900 - nobody is really certain - at Thompson Station in Bullock County - born to a Fenn family he was adopted around 1910 when his mother remarried in Macon Georgia. His father was from Tuskegee Alabama and grandparents from former Creek Territory in Georgia but he claimed to be Cherokee blood. Enlisted in the Army about 1920 to 1930 stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso. Found his father living in Montgomery Alabama and returned about 1931.
    • Cemetery (865 KB)
      Cain's Chapel in Slapout has many Thornton and Hood families from the early days of Cold Springs, Elmore County, Alabama
    • Clora Jane Miller Cochran (15 KB)
      Frankie's grandmother
    • Cecil Carter (15 KB)
      Anne's father was born around 1900 - nobody is really certain - at Thompson Station in Bullock County - born to a Fenn family he was adopted around 1910 when his mother remarried in Macon Georgia. His father was from Tuskegee Alabama and grandparents from former Creek Territory in Georgia but he claimed to be Cherokee blood. Enlisted in the Army about 1920 to 1930 stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso. Found his father living in Montgomery Alabama and returned about 1931.
    • Cemetery (308 KB)
      Dublins' old cemetery behind Hills Chapel hidden far off into the woods.
    • Clora Jane Miller (327 KB)
      Cochran Family
    • Cecil Carter's brother Frank Fenn (51 KB)
      born 1896 at Thompson Station in Bullock County - died in Coosada on his farm at Airport Road where the school now sits. His grave is on that land he had donated to the church for a cemetery. Frank worked for the railroad, his wife boiled his dirty clothes in a pot outside - he was in WWI and hauled POWs on the train.
    • Cemetery (97 KB)
      Dublins'new cemetery for the public is across the street from the front of Hills Chapel.
    • Bill Carter (38 KB)
      about 1970 - he was Anne's brother
    • Cemetery (88 KB)
      Dublin - old gravestone being cleaned with water and a brush
    • John and Annie Brooks (72 KB)
      Moved into Montgomery Alabama after 1900 and their son James married Susie Mae Cooper. They have a strong lineage into 1800 TN
    • Cemetery (64 KB)
      Greenwood in Montgomery, very large cemetery has graves of many of the Brooks, Cooper, Bozeman, Fenn families
    • Jacob and Clora Cochran (34 KB)
      Left Iowa for Kansas Territory after 1880 with son Frank Delbert Cochran on the left.
    • Cemetery (18 KB)
      Memorial has many of my relatives' resting places - land donated by Lorena Bozeman's Uncle Robert Henry Bozeman - located between Maxwell AFB and Hope Hull and Pine Level.
    • Luella Coonfield (119 KB)
      Arkansas - she is in the center of this photo just before she married Frank Delbert Cochran. She is Cherokee by blood. Her mother was Lattie Cedonia Little of Kentucky.
    • Luella Coonfield's mother was indian (63 KB)
      Shepherdsville, Bullitt County, Kentucky - Lattie Little was born to Mary Catherine Crigler and John Wright Little.
    • Cemetery (275 KB)
      Dublin Old Cemetery has tiny tombstone markers with no names
    • Cemetery (78 KB)
      Dublin Old Cemetery behind the church - Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman, the Cherokee in grandma's lineage.
    • Cemetery (1456 KB)
      Dublin Old Cemetery behind the church - Peter Edward Bozeman of the Civil War - the clover design is a separate layer added to this homemade tombstone with penciled PEB our father added.
    • Powhatan (40 KB)
      Lucius Powhatan Little was Lattie's cousin in Kentucky - he was a lawyer, a judge, a writer, and a genealogist. They all had one common grandmother from Virginia, Catherine Weatherford.
    • Cemetery (78 KB)
      Indian Creek Cemetery in Georgia where James McClain born 1810 is buried - the father of Josiah is also the son of the elder Josiah
    • Ben Coonfield's parents (68 KB)
      Martha Frances Young of Kentucky married Benjamin Wylie Coonfield in Indiana. Their hair was so black that it looked blue in the sunshine.
    • Cemetery (14 KB)
      Hill City Cemetery in Graham Kansas is where my dad's grandparents are buried
    • Mary Catherine Crigler (323 KB)
      Born in Kentucky to Nancy Catherine Roby and Abraham Crigler, she married John Little and had Lattie and Sadona in this picture.
    • Cemetery (28 KB)
      Old Harmony Primitive Church Cemetery has few graves but includes Elijah Lee born 1777 and his wife Malinda Phillips who came to Chambers County before 1830 buying land from an old Creek Indian and they are the great great grandparents of Susie Mae Cooper Brooks.
    • Cochrans (106 KB)
      Chetopa Kansas, the Cochran family includes Frankie, Freelon and Darrell
    • Carter photo (46 KB)
      T R Carter with his first wife and family - he is great grandfather of Susie Mae Cooper Brooks.
    • Cochrans (26 KB)
      Frank Delbert's brothers and sisters.
    • Susie Mae Cooper Brooks (40 KB)
      grandmother to Charles Wayne Brooks known as Mamaw. Her mother was Sarah Elizabeth Carter who married Levi Benjamin Cooper, a son of Charner P. Cooper of Chambers County.
    • Frank Delbert Cochran (13 KB)
      Funeral Home Receipt
    • Anne Carter (28 KB)
      On the left she stands by her granny Lorena, and Lorena's daughter Katie Bell McClain. They raised her after her mom Alice McClain Carter died. All buried at Memorial
    • Frank Delbert Cochran wed Luella Ellen Coonfield (199 KB)
      Married in Arkansas, moved to Missouri, then Oklahoma, then back to Chetopa Kansas where they had Frankie in 1927
    • Anne Carter's mother (16 KB)
      Emily Alice McClain was married to Cecil Carter and she died at the age of 19 after giving birth to her third child.
    • Luella's father Ben (39 KB)
      Those Cochran boys sure look a lot like their grandfather Ben Coonfield
    • John Lewis Bozeman (1305 KB)
      Buried in Covington County, may connect to Philemon
    • Frank D. Cochran (50 KB)
      Father of Frankie and Cleo and JB
  • Files (14 KB)
    Various related webpages
  • Links (2 KB)
    Various related webpages
  • Names (9 KB)
    Those I am studying
  • Contacts (27 KB)
    Others involved in this research
    • Grandpa Isaac (195 KB)
      Perry County History
    • Annie's Clan (55 KB)
      Taken about 1968
    • 1840 (371 KB)
      Sellers in Pike County
    • Grandpa Jacob (121 KB)
      Civil War Registration
    • Annie's Clan (46 KB)
      Taken about 1965
    • Lavinia Sellers - 1880 (528 KB)
      Mysterious error on census, Lavinia Jane Sellers Anderson mistakenly listed as Bozeman, but note that she is the mother in law - she is Corrintha Anderson Barfoot's mother. Lavinia was the wife of Seaborn Anderson and also the mother of Nancy Bozeman in the next household. Lavinia's parents were Levinia Anderson and William Calvin Sellers - all the Andersons being of the same family of Elisha and the Sellers all being from 1700s North Carolina.
    • Grandpa Charles and Zachariah (12 KB)
      Georgia Records 1700s
    • Annie's Clan (54 KB)
      Taken about 1953
    • Sellers (40 KB)
    • Grandpa George (105 KB)
      Davies Kentucky
    • Grandparents of Frank (34 KB)
      his father shown on left side
    • 1850 (610 KB)
      Vincent Joiner and Ellen
    • Parents of Frank (212 KB)
      shown on left side
    • 1830 (76 KB)
      Grandpa Elisha Anderson in Montgomery Alabama by his son in law Alfred Sellers and by Jesse and by Captain Benjamin Lewis
    • Grandpa in WWI (130 KB)
      Military Registration
    • 1840 (576 KB)
      W H
    • Grandpa Ben in Civil War (40 KB)
      Military Registration
    • 1850 (616 KB)
      J B
    • Laura's Inquiry (563 KB)
      Owensboro Kentucky
    • 1830 (299 KB)
      W H
    • Grandpa John (122 KB)
      Land Deed
    • 1820 (531 KB)
      Sellers in Brunswick NC
    • Census Images (76 KB)
      My collection of census images relating to my family
    • Dad's Research (1 KB)
      Midwest cousins
    • Dad's Research (959 KB)
      Midwest cousins
    • Midwest Research (959 KB)
      Cousins and Connection
    • Genealogy (5 KB)
      Cochran of Ohio into Iowa
    • Books (27 KB)
      Documents and Resources
    • Southern Research (211 KB)
      Path of my Elders
    • Land Records (40 KB)
      George Grauer and his father in law Mark Porter buying land in Marengo County and then the daughter of George, Elizabeth Westbrook buying 160 acres of her own in 1860 for herself.


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