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Grandfather Abraham Crigler married Catherine Roby and had Catherine Crigler, my grandmother. She married John Wright Little, the son of Doctor Hiram Little and Catherine G. Wright, a daughter of Katherine Weatherford. John Wright Little's daughter Lattie married Benjamin Coonfield and their daughter, Luella married Frank Cochran. The history books of several counties of Kentucky have included our families. Even Indiana has recorded the migration of the Coonfield families from Kentucky. Our family states that John Wright Little refused indian land allotments, served in the Civil War, and when his wife died, he and his children moved to Arkansas... When his mother in law died, Abraham Crigler joined them. Ben Coonfield also bought land in Arkansas after his term in the Civil War. Then when Grandpa Frank Delbert Cochran lived in Kansas, he went to Arkansas looking for work and met the Coonfields. Frank's father Jacob Cochran had come from Iowa to become the first homesteader of land in Hill City, Graham County, KS.


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