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My genealogy has led me to many new places, meeting many new faces, and taking me on a long journey through time;  a worthwhile journey that I hope my children will someday treasure.
My Mother:  Anne Alice Carter born 1934
My Father:  Frankie Lavern Cochran born 1927
My Spouse:  Charles Wayne Brooks born 1953
* * * * * * * * * * * *
 James Edgar BROOKS
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1925 in Montgomery, Alabama
  • Death: JAN 1992 in Prattville Cemetery

    James Edgar BROOKS b: 1895 in he was their only child, was in WWI , was born in TN
    Susie Mae COOPER b: 12 DEC 1902 in Alabama

    Marriage 1
    Mary Ella THORNTON b: 1 MAR 1927 in Montgomery, Alabama Children
     Charles Wayne BROOKS b: 1 JUL 1953 in Montgomery, Alabama died in 1998.
    * * * * * * * * * *
    Father: Frankie Lavern COCHRAN b: 7 MAY 1927 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas
    Anne Alice CARTER b: 14 MAR 1934 in Montgomery, Alabama
    Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

    2. Frankie Lavern COCHRAN was born 7 MAY 1927 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas ( one eighth Cherokee), and died 25 DEC 1996 in Montgomery, Alabama. He was buried in Memorial Cemetery, Montgomery.  He had an artificial aorta heart valve put in 1981.  He was the son of 4. Frank Delbert COCHRAN and 5. Luella Ellen COONFIELD.

    3. Anne Alice CARTER was born 14 MAR 1934 in Montgomery, Alabama, and died 27 JAN 1992 in Montgomery AL .... She was buried in Memorial Cemetery. She was Cherokee by blood. She was the daughter of 6. Cecil Earl Fenn CARTER and 7. Alice Emma "Ellie" MCCLAIN.

    Children of Anne Alice CARTER and Frankie Lavern COCHRAN are:
    1.   i. Living LORENA. She married Charles Wayne BROOKS, son of James Edgar BROOKS and Mary Ella THORNTON. He was born 1 JUL 1953 in Montgomery, Alabama, and died 1 JUN 1998 in Brookside Cemetery.. Kathy has three children and two grands.
        ii. Living COCHRAN. He married Living WARD, daughter of Living WARD and Virginia Marie HENDERSON.  Frankie Jr has three children and several grands. Jr. looks a lot like Grandpa Ben Coonfield.
        iii. Victor Daniel COCHRAN was born 20 OCT 1957 in Mesa, Maricopa County, Az, and died 17 JUL 2007 in VA Hospital, Birmingham, AL, burial at Memorial Cemetery, Montgomery Alabama. He married Living DEAVERS and had only one child.
        iv. Living COCHRAN. She married Larry FULLER, son of John Edward FULLER and Hazel Elizabeth RICHARDS. He was born 28 FEB 1952 in Jefferson County, Alabama, and died 4 OCT 2008 in Montgomery Alabama.  Pam now resides in our parents' home where Dad's family used to come visit often.

    Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

    4. Frank Delbert COCHRAN was born 20 JUN 1893 in Hill City Graham County Kansas, and died 20 DEC 1956 in Mena, Polk, Arkansas. WWI Vet. He was the son of 8. Jacob Benjamin COCHRAN and 9. Clora Jane MILLER.  I have a few pictures of us at Mena and POP would put coffee and sugar in my bottle :)

    5. Luella Ellen COONFIELD was born 8 FEB 1897 - one quarter Cherokee blood, Benton County, Arkansas, and died 11 MAY 1945 in Kansas City MO Med Hospital. She was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Chetopa Kansas. She was the daughter of 10. Benjamin Wallace COONFIELD and 11. Lattie Cedonia LITTLE. Luella said they had other indian blood mixed in but she didn't know from which tribe so she could have been half blood.

    Children of Luella Ellen COONFIELD and Frank Delbert COCHRAN are:
        i. Bernice Pauline COCHRAN was born 24 JUL 1915 in Mason Valley, Benton, Arkansas.  She married Homer CLARK. He died in Grandby MO. She married Homer Gordon CLARK 16 OCT 1934 in Chetopa, Lebett, Kan, son of Bert CLARK and Bessie Jane SMITH. He was born 1912 in Prosperty Jasper Missouri, and died 1979 in Mesa AZ.
        ii. Eunice Irene COCHRAN was born 24 JUL 1915 - Twin, born Mason Valley, Benton County, Arkansas, and died 19 MAR 2004 - had alzheimers. She married Charles Thomas HARAUGHTY, son of Stephen HARAUGHTY and Ida Frances FIZER. He was born ABT 1900. She married Malloy Thomas ROSS. He was born 1917 in Oklahoma, and died 1981 in Phoenix AZ. She married Charles Thomas HARAUGHTY 6 MAR 1933 in Oswego Kansas, son of Jack EDWARDS and Ida Francis FIZER. He was born 1913 in Labette KS, and died 1956 in Mesa AZ.
        iii. Cleo Stanley COCHRAN was born 7 JUL 1917 in Prosperity, Jasper, Missouri, and died 1 FEB 1992 in Parsons, Lebette, Ka. He married Lucretia SHORT 25 FEB 1949 in Bentonville, Arkansas, Usa.
        iv. Frances COCHRAN was born 25 NOV 1919 in Vaughn, Benton, Arkansas, and died 25 NOV 1919.
        v. Fran COCHRAN was born 4 JUL 1920 an adjoined twin, Vaughn, Benton, Arkansas, and died 4 JUL 1920 in Vaughn, Benton, Arkansas.
        vi. Harley COCHRAN was born 4 JUL 1920 an adjoined twin, Vaughn, Benton, Ark, and died 4 JUL 1920.
        vii. Irmajean Cedona COCHRAN was born 19 SEP 1921 in Vaughn, Benton, Arkansas. She married Frank Charles MILES 1940 in Chetopa. He was born 1917 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas, and died in unknown.
        viii. Joy Benjamin COCHRAN was born 12 NOV 1923 in enlisted WWII 1946, Vaughn, Benton, Ark, and died 26 JUN 1998 in , Chetopa, Labette, Kansas. He married Living JARMAN. He married Vida Marie JARMAN 1940 in Kansas. She was born 1925, and died 2004.
        ix. Bonnie Mae COCHRAN was born 4 MAY 1925 in Vaughn, Benton, Ark. She married George Lemuel KNOTTS 1948 in yates Center KS. He was born 8 OCT 1924, and died 1967 in Wichita Kansas. She married Living MATTHEWS.  She had Regal Eagle.
    2.   x.
    Frankie Lavern COCHRAN was born 7 MAY 1927 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas ( one eighth Cherokee), and died 25 DEC 1996 in Montgomery, Alabama. He married Anne Alice CARTER 1 SEP 1951 in
    , daughter of Cecil Earl Fenn CARTER and Alice Emma "Ellie" MCCLAIN. She was born 14 MAR 1934 in Montgomery, Alabama, and died 27 JAN 1992 in Montgomery AL ....
        xi. Mary Lou Ruby COCHRAN was born 1 NOV 1929 in Chetopa, Labett County, Kansas, and died 27 JAN 2006. She married James F MOUNT 1953 in Bentonville, Arkansas. He was born 1931 in Welch, Craig, Oklahoma, and died in unknown.
        xii. Freelon Larraine Coonfield COCHRAN was born 3 NOV 1932 in Chetopa, Lebett, Kan, and died 4 JUN 1953 in Korean War Fatality.
        xiii. Darrell Dean COCHRAN was born 12 OCT 1936 in Chetopa KS, and died in Alive and well. He married Living WALBEE.
        xiv. Wanda Deloris COCHRAN was born 20 DEC 1938 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas. She married Howard Lee RIDDLE in Nowata Oklahoma, son of Ernest Paul RIDDLE and Jimmie Grace MOORE. He was born 3 OCT 1934 in Chetopa KS, and died in unknown.

    6. Cecil Earl Fenn CARTER was born 1901 in Thompson Station, Bullock, Alabama, and died 4 FEB 1939 in Montgomery AL. Cherokee by blood.  He was buried 6 FEB 1939 in Memorial Cemetery. He was the son of 12. William Franklin FENN and 13. Anna Lou STONE.

    7. Alice Emma "Ellie" MCCLAIN was born 27 MAR 1916 in Dublin, Alabama, and died 10 OCT 1935 in Columbus Street, Montgomery, AL. She was buried in Memorial Cemetery, Montgomery, AL. She was the daughter of 14. Charles Allen MCCLAIN and 15. Lorena Emma "Rena" BOZEMAN.

    Children of Alice Emma "Ellie" MCCLAIN and Cecil Earl Fenn CARTER are:
        i. Cecil Earl CARTER was born 22 NOV 1932 in Montgomery, AL, and died in Montgomery AL. He married Jean MCNEIL. She died in Montgomery AL. He married Living CHRISTINE, daughter of DAD. He married Living JERRI.
    3.   ii.
    Anne Alice CARTER was born 14 MAR 1934 in Montgomery, Alabama, and died 27 JAN 1992 in Montgomery AL .... She married Frankie Lavern COCHRAN 1 SEP 1951 in
    , son of Frank Delbert COCHRAN and Luella Ellen COONFIELD. He was born 7 MAY 1927 in Chetopa, Labette, Kansas ( one eighth Cherokee), and died 25 DEC 1996 in Montgomery, Alabama.
        iii. William Lawrence CARTER was born 9 OCT 1935 in Montgomery, AL, and died 1975 in spent most of his life in Enid OK, Montgomery AL. He married Living WIVES.

    Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4

    8. Jacob Benjamin COCHRAN was born 22 FEB 1822 in Oxford Township, Guernsey, Ohio, and died 24 NOV 1902 in Civil War Vet Ohio Infantry, and First Homesteader of Hill City, in 1882 Graham, KS.  Miner and farmer, he was was buried in Hill City Cemetery. He was the son of 16. William COCHRAN and 17. Martha Patty HENDERSON.

    9. Clora Jane MILLER was born 12 OCT 1852 in Bloomington, McLean, Ilinois, and died 6 DEC 1931 in Hill City, Graham County, Kansas. She was buried in hill City Cemetery. She was the daughter of 18. James Madison MILLER and 19. Mary Clara PARKER.  Clora Jane smoked a pipe and read the ashes.  She taught her grandchildren how to make popcorn by the fire.

    Children of Clora Jane MILLER and Jacob Benjamin COCHRAN are:
        i. Clora Ann Doll COCHRAN was born 13 MAR 1880 in Meringo, Scott, Iowa, Usa, and died 1970 in Colorado. She married John OSMAN. She married Williiam HETZEL 30 JAN 1898 in Hill City, Graham, Kansas, Usa. He was born ABT 1880 in Hill City, Graham, Kansas, Usa, and died 1921 in unknown.
        ii. Jacob Madison COCHRAN was born 17 DEC 1881 in Maringo, Iowa, and died 26 JUL 1954 in Corvillis, Benton, Oregon. He married Nancy Ellen COOK 1907 in Hill City, Graham County, KS, daughter of Isaac Newton COOK and Mary Belle PERSONETT. She was born 7 JUL 1890 in Benkleman, Dundy Co, Nebraska, and died 1954 in Corvallis, OR.
        iii. Ky COCHRAN was born 15 NOV 1883 in Partis, Smith, Kansas, Usa, and died 6 MAR 1973 in Plainsville, Rook, Kansas, Usa. He married Sophia Madeline DE MURRY 1907 in Partis, Smith, Kansas. She was born 10 SEP 1892 in Palco Rook KS, and died 1959 in Plainville, Rook, Kansas.
        iv. Mary Jane Emmaline COCHRAN was born 20 SEP 1885 in Hillcity, Graham, Kansas, and died 2 DEC 1989 in Vancouver, Clark, Washington. She married Gustave BERTRAND 16 APR 1902. He was born 1870 in Hill City KS. She married Edward WALKER 1921. He was born 1881, and died 1962 in Mich.
        v. Dasie Violetta COCHRAN was born 19 APR 1887 in Hill City, Graham, Kansas, and died 19 APR 1890 in Hill City, Graham, Kansas.
        vi. Benjamin Harrison COCHRAN was born 18 FEB 1889 in Hill City, Graham, Kansas, was christened in Mesa, Az, and died 14 JUN 1963 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona. He married Clara Ann PENTICO 1913 in Goodland, Graham, KS, daughter of John Edward PENTICO and Annie RYMAN. She was born 1891 in Agenda, Republic, KS, and died 1956 in Mesa. He married Ina MORGANSIN 20 DEC 1913 in Goodland, Graham, Kansas, Usa.
        vii. Della Floydell COCHRAN was born 10 FEB 1891 in Lenora, Morton, Kansas, and died OCT 1920 in Hillcity, Graham, Kansas. She married George F HETZEL 13 JUL 1905 in Hill City, Graham County, KS. He was born ABT 1887 in Hill City, Graham, Kansas. She married Robert Henry WALLACE 1909 in Hill City, Graham County, KS. He was born ABT 1888 in New Zealand.
    4.   viii. Frank Delbert COCHRAN was born 20 JUN 1893 in Hill City Graham County Kansas, and died 20 DEC 1956 in Mena, Polk, Arkansas. He married Luella Ellen COONFIELD 2 SEP 1914 in Arkansas, daughter of Benjamin Wallace COONFIELD and Lattie Cedonia LITTLE. She was born 8 FEB 1897 in one quarter Cherokee blood, Benton County, Arkansas, and died 11 MAY 1945 in Kansas City MO Med Hospital.

    10. Benjamin Wallace COONFIELD was born 31 AUG 1870 in Anderson, Benton Co Arkansas, and died 1938 in Coffelt Cemetery, Benton Co AR. He was the son of 20. Benjamin Wylie COONFIELD and 21. Martha Anne Frances YOUNG. Must have been indian by blood.

    11. Lattie Cedonia LITTLE was born 14 JAN 1872 in Bardstown Junction, Kentucky, and died 23 JAN 1933 in Vaughn, Benton County, Arkansas. She was the daughter of 22. John Wright LITTLE and 23. Mary Catherine CRIGLER.

    Children of Lattie Cedonia LITTLE and Benjamin Wallace COONFIELD are:
        i. Benjamin Harrison COONFIELD was born 9 SEP 1892 in Benton AR - World War I, and died 21 MAR 1971 in Vaughn, Benton, Ark. He married Inez Violet GRAY, daughter of John Thomas Knox GRAY and "Carrie" Anna Caroline Fisk WRIGHT. She was born 1895 in Kansas, and died 1985.
        ii. Amy Marie COONFIELD was born 30 JAN 1895 in Hawasser, Benton, AR, and died 15 FEB 1952 in Los Angeles, CAlifornia. She married Joseph Monroe GRAY 1911, son of John Thomas Knox GRAY and "Carrie" Anna Caroline Fisk WRIGHT. He was born 19 APR 1890 in Barnes Kansas, and died 28 JUN 1967 in Eureka KS.
    5.   iii. Luella Ellen COONFIELD was born 8 FEB 1897 in one quarter Cherokee blood, Benton County, Arkansas, and died 11 MAY 1945 in Kansas City MO Med Hospital. She married Frank Delbert COCHRAN 2 SEP 1914 in Arkansas, son of Jacob Benjamin COCHRAN and Clora Jane MILLER. He was born 20 JUN 1893 in Hill City Graham County Kansas, and died 20 DEC 1956 in Mena, Polk, Arkansas.
        iv. Ruthe COONFIELD was born 1900, and died 1957 in Chetopa KS. She married George BATES 1922, son of Peyton BATES and Mabel HENRY. He was born 1902, and died in Car accident.
        v. Eula COONFIELD was born 1902. She married WILLIAMS.
        vi. Carl Newton COONFIELD was born 1906 in 1930 census shows him still at home with parents, and died 1972. He married Mary RENO.
        vii. Jewel( Virginia) COONFIELD was born 14 JUN 1907 in had Alzheimers disease. She married George Lee SAVAGE. She married Ruel Taft MILLER 1949 in Los Angeles CA. He was born 10 JAN 1909 in Gainesville, ozark Missouri, and died 9 SEP 1972.
        viii. Eva Irene COONFIELD was born 1908, and died 1911.
        ix. John Chester COONFIELD was born 1912 in 1930 census shows him still at home with parents, and died 2003. He married Thelma WRIGHT.

    William Franklin FENN was born DEC 1855 in Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama, and died 11 MAR 1922 a farm manager in Eufaula at the Fenn Plantation of Matthew Fenn written in the History Book of Barbour County,  then to boarding house in Montgomery County AL*
    . He was buried 12 MAR 1922 in buried by his brother Madison, Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, AL. He was the son of 24. John Franklin FENN and 25. Emeline "Emily" HARRELL.

    13. Anna Lou STONE was born NOV 1871 in Alabama, and died ABT 1933 in Macon, Bibb, Georgia. She was the daughter of 26. Augustus Marvin STONE and 27. Mary Ann HENDRICK. Known as Annie, she divorced Fenn and married Carter, then widowed, she married Dasher and signed as witness to her mother's death certificate.

    Children of Anna Lou STONE and William Franklin FENN are:
    William Franklin FENN was born 1894 in Bullock County AL, and died 1981 in Coosada, Elmore County AL. He married Neva Mae WALRAVEN in
    , daughter of Paul WALRAVEN. She was born 1896 in GA, and died 1972 in Coosada Alabama.
        ii. Carolyn Lee FENN was born SEP 1894 in Thompson Station, Greenwood Township, Bullock AL, and died ABT 1934 in on 1930 census in Creek County, Oklahoma. She married Benjamin Franklin JOHNSON, son of Nathaniel B. JOHNSON and Nancy America Emmaline MILLS. He was born 1887 in 1900 census shows his family in Choctaw Nation Texas, and died in oklahoma.  Ben signed the affidavit stating his mother was Full Blood and he was born in Choctaw Nation.
        iii. Robert Lee FENN was born 16 MAR 1896 in Thompson, Bullock County AL - found in 1920 census of US Navy Hospital, and died 1 JUL 1974 in Coosada, Elmore Co., AL. He married MARY. She died in unknown.
        iv. Arthur Lee FENN was born ABT 1897, and died ABT 1925. He married UNKNOWN.
        v. Emmett Marvin FENN was born 26 SEP 1898 in WWI Vet born in Thompson Station, Bullock County AL, and died 10 MAY 1959 in New York. He married NONE.
    6.   vi. Cecil Earl Fenn CARTER was born 1901 in Thompson Station, Bullock, Alabama, and died 4 FEB 1939 in Montgomery AL. He married Alice Emma "Ellie" MCCLAIN APR 1932 in Montgomery County AL, daughter of Charles Allen MCCLAIN and Lorena Emma "Rena" BOZEMAN. She was born 27 MAR 1916 in Dublin, Alabama, and died 10 OCT 1935 in Columbus Street, Montgomery, AL.  Cecil and Alice died very young and the children went to Lorena.

    14. Charles Allen MCCLAIN was born 7 OCT 1886 - had lazy eye, Ramer, Montgomery, AL, and died 24 OCT 1949 in Maryland Avenue, Montgomery, AL. He was buried in Church Of Christ Cemetery, Dublin Alabama. He was the son of 28. Josiah Marion MCCLAIN and 29. Elizabeth "Bettie" BROADWAY.

    15. Lorena Emma "Rena" BOZEMAN was born 11 JAN 1892 in Ramer Alabama, and died 12 JUN 1982 in Memorial Cemetery off Bozeman Drive, Montgomery AL. She was buried in Memorial Cemetery, Montgomery, AL. She was the daughter of 30. John Thomas BOZEMAN and 31. Alice Lorena STEPHENS.

    Children of Lorena Emma "Rena" BOZEMAN and Charles Allen MCCLAIN are:
        i. Mary Ruth MCCLAIN was born in Montgomery AL, and died ABT 1975 in Montgomery AL. She married Walter B CURLEE. He died in Montgomery AL.
        ii. Charles Henderson "Buddy" MCCLAIN was born in Could not read nor write; had only one daughter, and died 11 JAN 2002 in Ft Mitchell Military Cemetery, near Ft Sill, Alabama. He married Lena HAINEY. She died 1991.
        iii. Lillie Mae MCCLAIN was born 18 OCT 1909 in Ramer Alabama, and died 28 JUN 1985 in Dublin AL Church Of Christ Cemetery. She married Hubbert DUNCAN, son of D C ? DUNCAN and LIZZIE. He died in Dublin AL.
    Katie Bell MCCLAIN was born 2 APR 1912 in she raised his children, Ramer AL, and died in Montgomery AL. She married Roscoe COLEY ABT 1939 in
        v. Jimmie Lee MCCLAIN was born 17 SEP 1913 in Dublin AL, and died 1932 in Dublin AL. She married HAYES. He died in unknown.
    7.   vi. Alice Emma "Ellie" MCCLAIN was born 27 MAR 1916 in Dublin, Alabama, and died 10 OCT 1935 in Columbus Street, Montgomery, AL. She married Cecil Earl Fenn CARTER APR 1932 in Montgomery County AL, son of William Franklin FENN and Anna Lou STONE. He was born 1901 in Thompson Station, Bullock, Alabama, and died 4 FEB 1939 in Montgomery AL.
        vii. Dr. William Walton MCCLAIN , PhD was born 20 APR 1920 in Ramer Alabama, and died ABT 1972 in Arlington Cemetery.
        viii. Joseph Edward MCCLAIN was born 24 MAY 1926 in Ramer AL, and died ABT 1975 in USNavy, Pearl Harbor, Memorial Cemetery, Montgomery, AL. He married Living DORTHY. He married Living BROADWAY, daughter of John W BROADWAY and Jessie MAE.

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    Opinions & Folklore are appreciated but send Proof if you expect me to change my records.

    My  daddy always called mom his little 5'2" indian squaw and spoke of his mother being part indian as well. He spoke of his mother sitting in the fields digging up roots and picking herbs to fill her apron and that she smoked a pipe but his daddy's mother also smoked a pipe, taught them how to make pop corn, and then that one's mother helped the indians make medicine. His line has some fascinating stories throughout Rhode Island  1600s history and into New York Indian Country before migrating into Ohio and Kentucky by 1800.  Daddy's great great great grandmother descended from the line of Tefft families involved with King Phillip, an indian, who hanged Joshua Tefft and the Parker families involved with indians kidnapping a Cindy Parker who became the bride of an Indian Chief having his son Quanna Parker. 

    I found Alexander and William Cochran in 1790 in Pennsylvania and then in 1810 Ohio where Jacob was born in 1822. He was a miner and a farmer and went to California to search for gold, returned and moved his family to Iowa Territory.  His second wife Clora Jane Miller said she was born in Mary Clara Parker and James Miller. There are stories of Jacob Cochran's grandparents helping the indians in Ohio and starting a school. 

     In 1800 Kentucky I found records of Isaac Coonfield, who's great great granddaughter Luella would later marry Frank Cochran. Isaac war born about 1770 in Pennsylvania to a Dutch, Christopher Confeldt. It is not known how many sons Christopher had but suspect one was John as I found him listed near Isaac, then Isaac named a son John and a son Isaac Jr. in 1808.  The Coonfields were still in Kentucky census in 1820 but in 1830 found in Indiana.  In 1856 Isaac Jr. bought land in Arkansas and had a son Benjamin Wylie Coonfield.  Isaac had married Lydia Epperson of Kentucky and she had Ben and died  so Isaac married her sister Mary Epperson.  Ben married Martha Frances Young of Indiana and her family had come from Kentucky. Martha named a son Benjamin Wallace "Wally" Coonfield and he married Lattie Cedonia Little of Kentucky, while in Arkansas.

    Most of these men served in the Civil War.  I have Ben Coonfield's registration and Lattie's father's, John Little, and also Jacob Cochran  I have found a land deed where John Little took a homestead in 1900 Arkansas and do not know why he left Kentucky but in 1910 his father in law Abraham Crigler had followed them.  John's father Hiram Little had moved to Texas and married a young 14 yr old Rebecca and started a second family.

  • My mother's lineage goes back to the Mayflower to Edward Doty, since his descendant married an Anderson in North Carolina, where I then researched Anderson, Bozeman, Stephens, Fann, Stone, McClain, Moon as they journeyed into Alabama Territory by 1820. In Virginia and Maryland 1600s the Bozemans were given more land by the King of England when they "transported" new families into America and there is a story of one of the Bozemans there being the son of an Indian Princess.  In 1790 I began to find them in North Carolina and in South Carolina as a few of the colonies began to develop amongst many indian tribes which are very interesting to read about.  Peter Bozeman was born about 1758 to Mordecai and "wife" and Peter's brother married a full blood and migrated into Mississippi in 1823 while Peter moved his family to Hope Hull.


      So while studying the Carolinas I also found my daddy's ancestor, Captain George Little in Union County SC who moved to Kentucky in 1802.  His grandson Hiram Little married Catherine Wright, a daughter of Catherine Weatherford, whom I traced into Charlotte Virginia records, to a Patsy Weatherford found in 1810 with three daughters.  Patsy must have been the former wife of Charles Weatherford who moved into Wetumpka, Alabama and married Sehoy, the Creek Indian mother of Chief Red Eagle.  Picketts History of the Creeks along the Alabama River shares much detail about the Weatherfords. 

    Hiram Little's nephew, Lucius Powhatan Little had a daughter, Laura, who did extensive family research and tried to connect us to a daughter of Chief Powhatan of Virginia, so we can suspect that Patsy Weatherford was of Indian Blood. 

     There is more written about the father of Charles Weatherford, Martin.  Martin left Virginia and was a loyalist, on the side of the British, and received a lot of land in Georgia, where it is written that he was a wealthy planter who employed indians to work his crops, but was so very outspoken for the British, that the State of Georgia kicked him out and he moved to the Bahamas. 

    It is just hard to imagine that one of my daddys grandfathers was here in Alabama in 1800 so close to my mother's ancestors. After the American Revolution, there was a land office in Georgia, able to sell the new lands available in Alabama Territory and many of her ancestors did just that, since the lands were so good for planting crops like cotton and corn.  They hauled their crops to Dexter Avenue to sell, back when it was a nasty bumpy dirt road. 

    The crops could be shipped out by steamboats along the Alabama River and then the Train Station was developed.  Her daddy Cecil Carter was adopted around 1905, by the unknown Carter in Macon Georgia.  His mother Annie Lou Stone had married his father William Franklin Fenn in 1893, divorced about 1901, married a Carter and then a Dasher, but probably never returned to Alabama. Annie Lou's great grandfather was Michael Stone of Maryland 1700s and I tried to connect him to Thomas Stone who signed the Declaration of Independence but have not been able to trace that far back. However I was able to trace the Fenn family back to Virginia where John Fann married a Mary Stone in 1698. 


    My husband's line also has Stone, a  MaryCatherine  Stone in Tennessee, who married John Baptist Bond about 1800.  She had a daughter Caroline Bond who married several times, but her daughter Roxanna is the one who married John Brooks in 1860. Roxanna's son John married Annie Clark Ballard, and these women have a long history from the Carolinas into Tennessee about 1800, where many indian tribes existed.  There are many grandmothers included, with names only known as Kezziah or Gracey, that we may never know anything about. There was one named Hester Ward and while I do not find the parents' names I do know there was a famous indian called Nannie Ward and wonder if there was any connection.  Annie's son James Edgar Brooks would be related to all of these found in  early Tennessee history, but his family moved to Montgomery Alabama with the work on the railroad and he married Susie Mae Cooper in 1923.   Susie's families also had come out of South Carolina, some settling in Chambers County and some in Montgomery but her granny Mary Josephine Hereford Carter was born in Virginia in 1844.  Mary was the second wife of Thomas Randolph Carter and had only one child, Sarah Elizabeth Carter who married Levi Benjamin Cooper.  Levi's parents were born in Chambers County, Charner P. Cooper and Sarah F. Lee but their parents were from South Carolina also.  Thomas Carter was born in 1820 SC to John Wise Carter and unknown wife ( here we go again ) and the first wife of Thomas was Lacy Bozeman of Hope Hull.  Often I have wondered if Thomas was somehow kin to my grandfather Cecil Carter. 

    James Brooks Jr. married Mary Ella Thornton and had Charlie.  Mary's grandmother Mary Angeline Partridge was an indian out of Georgia, according to Lorraine "Tutor" and her daughter Sue Carol Bozeman.

    When I go back and study those old records, I find many of our families residing very close to several famous indian names, like my Cochrans living near Will Rogers in Rogers County Oklahoma and his ancestors Rogers living by my Peter Bozeman in Darlington long before that.  Even found Sequoyah's ancestors, Gist, Guist, Guess in South Carolina as well, along with McQueen, Hildebrand, McGillvary, McIntosh, and many others who married an indian bride. 

    When my grandmother Lorena Bozeman's "Grandma Sellers" migrated to Alabama, there was a connection to Nathan Sellers who married one of the indian Schrimpshire girls and another Schrimpshire girl married Chief Dennis Bushyhead and another Schrimpshire girl was the mother of Will Rogers, all quite fascinating history.  Our grandma Lavinia Sellers married Seaborn Anderson in Montgomery Alabama and his great great grandfather Anderson is listed as full blood Cherokee on the Latter Day Saints research page.  Other researchers online are looking into the indian heritage of the Sellers family of North Carolina as well.  Lavinia Janes' daughter Nancy Jane Anderson married Peter Edward Bozeman in Dublin and had John Thomas Bozeman in 1865, and John married Alice Lorena Stephens.  The Stephens great grandfather had married a full blood Cherokee in the Carolinas during his service with the American Revolution and then migrated into Dublin.  There were several Stephens plantations found in Dublin and Ramer in the 1800s.  John and Alice had Lorena Emma Bozeman in 1890, my great granny.  Lorena was a very special, gifted, Christian lady.  She could touch, pray and heal those in need.  My daddy once talked about a man hurt and bleeding from a car accident, and daddy carried the man to Lorena, who touched the man and prayed for him, and my daddy witnessed the healing, the bleeding stopped immediately.  There was a day when I was about 20 and found a lump in my chest that needed surgery,and Lorena said show me, so she placed a hand on my chest and prayed, and my surgeon said the lump came out benign and I do believe she helped me.  There were many special moments in our lives, and those with premonitions who helped many, and my daddys sister Irma being born with a veil over her face was an amazing story.  The doctor removed it and it came right back, then he removed it again and it came back, but the third veil was taken by Irma's mother and placed in the Family Bible, where it still remains.  Whenever something was wrong, the veil would "sweat". 


    I have gathered stories and letters and names to get this family tree growing, and then collected census records, death certificates, marriage licenses, military documents, and other things to verify the branches and continue to add to it every so often.  Some send me emails after reading the family tree on and let me know how they connect to us and share whatever stories they have found.  One was about my grandpa Cecil Carter's sister, Carolyn / Carrie Fenn who married an indian named Ben Johnson and moved to Oklahoma.  Ben had signed an affidavit stating his mother America Mills was born a full blood indian in Alabama, but his daddy Nathaniel Johnson would not allow them to register on the indian rolls.  Mills is an important name in my Stephens line as well.  However, Johnson, sometimes spelled as Johnston, is also in my son in law's lineage in Macon County.  Nathaniel's line was back to a David Johnston married to Mary Macon, of the family this county was named after. 

     In my husband's line there is Holtville Community or Town named after one of his grandfathers, where James H. Baxley married Louisa Miranda Holt in Elmore County and we found their graves at Coosa River Primitive Church by an elder J. Holt born 1806 who must have been her father.Miranda's daughter Ella Olivia Baxley married  L. W. Hood and had Bessie Mae Hood who married Milton Eligah Thornton.  Bessie's daughters were Mary Ella Brooks, Tutor Lorraine Jeffcoat and Olivia Angeline Cox.  There is a Glenda Baxley who emailed me with her findings on James at Coosa River and sent me his Civil War papers. 

     Clarence Bearden is the son of  Aunt Sissy Elizabeth Brooks and sent me a package of records found on the Brooks side, including some beautiful pictures. His article and research of the cemetery at Hope Hull is posted online at the Alabama Cemetery Preservation page.  That page has other information that a Benjamin Lewis once owned that plantation around 1820 and it was sold a couple of times before Peter Bozeman arrived.  I also speculate that Benjamin Lewis or his son married one of the daughters of Peter Bozeman.  Most of these people are listed in the South Carolina Archives, some in North Carolina in the 1700s but then again in Montgomery Alabama in the 1820s and 1830s.  Peter died in 1829 and his estate sale lists many of these people attending.  In 1848 Peter's son William died and his articles are also found in the Montgomery Archives, estate sale, and writ of dower for the widow. The marriage licenses of William's children are also found, including his son Peter Edward Bozeman born 1834, served in the Civil War and married Nancy Jane Anderson. 

     Elisha Anderson's will is found in 1834 Montgomery. 

     So many of these elders are found in the DAR records where they were in the American Revolution, that it will take forever to get it all organized, and am greatful that cousin Jimmy Ray Bozeman's daughter joined the DAR based on Peter Bozeman's record.  Jimmy joined the Sons of the Revolution and now cousin Hazel Bozeman has joined the DAR. I find it so rewarding meeting these new cousins, Hazel met us at Dublin where we found the grave of Peter Edward Bozeman and his daughter in law Alice Lorena.  Hazel is the daughter of  Uncle Bob Bozeman and we met cousin Elizabeth, the granddaughter of Ethel Mae Bozeman Gibson.  Ethel's son Buster said that my grandpa Charlie McClain had no tombstone ever at Dublin's Church of Christ, which seems odd since he served in WW1.  Charlie's daddy was Josiah Marion McClain of Georgia who served in the Civil War, got wounded and forgot that he had a wife and children in Georgia so he married Elizabeth Broadway of Dublin and had Charlie.  Elizabeth was born in 1853 to Mary Stephens and Abner Broadway - ironic since Charlie married Lorena Bozeman and her mother was also a Stephens.  When Josiah McClain died, his widow filed for his military pension and when Peter Edward Bozeman died, his widow also filed for a pension and it was signed by Peter's Uncle John Hill.

    So much to do and so little time.

    Genealogy of Kathy and Charles Brooks
      Our ancestors met before the Civil War. They came together in Montgomery sharing cotton plantations in the fields you now see when passing through Montgomery on I-65. Yet after the war this land was worthless, being destroyed as Wilsons Raiders burned a path through the state but these families struggled to revive as much as they could. I found an old cemetery with some tombstones dating back to 1793 on this property and then tried to trace their descendants across town. In 1900 I find them again in downtown Montgomery near the train station as many others had migrated into our lineage and they once again worked together. In fact my mother in law in 1950 had taken in the widow of my great grandfather when she had no place to go.  My husband's cousin Sue Carol on his mother's side married one of my mother's Bozeman Cousins and his father's great grandpa Thomas Carter was once married to another of our Bozeman Cousins in Hope Hull.   Our families were always close, we just did not realize how very close.  My father came from Kansas and married my mom in Montgomery in 1951, while he was stationed at Maxwell AFB after injuries from being shot in the Korean War - his lineage was partly in Pennsylvania and South Carolina before migrating into Kentucky and Ohio and then on into the midwest.  Together we have dozens of grandfathers in the American Revolution and the Civil War.
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