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Family History of Kathy Lorena


Welcome To My Brooks, Carter and Cochran Genealogy which includes Christopher Coonfield of Holland, Isaac Benjamin Coonfield and Barsheba Clark of 1800 Kentucky census, Benjamin Wylie Coonfield and Martha Frances Young of KY, Luella Ellen Coonfield and Frank Delbert Cochran, Lattie Cedonia Little and Benjamin Wallace Coonfield of Arkansas, William Cochran of PA and Martha Patty Henderson of Ohio, Alexander Cochran and Hannah Sarah Adams of PA in 1700s, Nancy Ann Clendenning the first teacher of Guernsey Ohio fed bread to the hungry indians in Philadelphia PA and married William Henderson in PA, Sarah Sturgeon and John Clendenning in PA, Margaret Corbett and Thomas Sturgeon of PA, Jacob Benjamin Cochran of the Civil War from Ohio with Clora Jane Miller and she smoked a pipe and read the ashes,Mary Clara Parker who made medicine with the indians and James Madison Miller of VA, Wanton Horatio Parker and Rosanna Lemmon in Ohio, Archelus Parker and Bette Richardson of 1700s Mass, Mary Mercy Sweet and Rev Edmund Tefft of NY Indian Country, James Tefft and Martha Sheffield of RI, David Sweet with Mary unknown in 1600s Rhode Island to John Sweet and Catherine unknown in RI, Captain George Little of Scotland in the American Revolution, John Wright Little of the Civil War and Catherine Crigler of Kentucky, Abraham Crigler and Mary Catherine Roby, Reason Roby and Kitty Simmons of KY,Lydia Carpenter of 1777 VA, John C Wright of Virginia, Charles Weatherford of Charlotte Virginia born to Mary Half Blood, Roxanna Permilia Smith of TN, Sinia Evans of TN 1800, Thomas Randolph Carter and Captain John Carter, Colonel John Smith born 1701 Virginia married Anne Bowker, Anne Ballard of TN, Susie Mae Cooper, Bessie Mae Hood, James Edgar Brooks, Mary Ella Thornton, Frankie Lavern Cochran, Anne Alice Carter, Anna Lou Stone of Augustus M Stone and Mary Ann Hendrick, Michael Stone of Maryland 1700s married Polly Wells in GA, William Frank Fenn, Cecil Earl Fenn Carter married Emma Alice McClain, Lorena Emma Bozeman m Charles Allen McClain, Emiline Harrell, Elijah Fann, Mary Stone, Martha Rich, Josiah Marion McClain and Elizabeth Broadway, James W McClain and Anna unknown, Andrew Cooper and Alsey unknown, Nancy Jane Anderson, John Thomas Bozeman m Alice Lorena Stephens, Joseph Stephens m Sara E Mills, Elisha C Stephens m Nancy unknown in SC, Nancy Jane Anderson m Peter Edward Bozeman, Seaborne Anderson m Lavinia J Sellers and his parents were Elijah Anderson and Elizabeth unknown of 1820 Georgia, Lavinia Brack and Elisha Anderson of 1700s NC both might be Cherokee blood to Ester Doty and Eleazor Brack, Benajah Doty and Elizabeth Farr,, Lavinia Jane Sellers, Mordicai Bozeman born 1735 NC in Am Rev War, Elija Anderson of NC, Brack of NC, Hester Doty of the Maylflower lineage, Susanna Ranson, REV Guy Smith of England married Miss Perrin, David C Craig born 1815 in Tennessee, Catherine Connelly born 1812 in North Carolina, Larkin Ballard of North Carolina born to Kissiah Dickens of North Carolina, John Baptist Bond married Catherine Kitty Stone both of NC 1790s and had Caroline Bond, Rebecca Carolina Pennington of Tennessee had Willie Eudora Craig, Elizabeth Hayes of VA, John Stephens and his Cherokee wife of NC 1750, Lavinia Jane Anderson m William Calvin Selles of Am Rev War and War of 1812, William Sellers m Sarah Crawford, rRowena Densy Baxter born 1831 in TN to Hester Ward of NC, Peter and Jesse Bozeman, Charles McClain, Zachariah Fenn of the American Revolution, Benjamin Stone, Wesley Hood, Elijah Thornton, Andrew Cooper of Ireland, Elijah Lee of South Carolina and Malinda Phillips, Sarah Lee and Charner Cooper had Levi Benjamin Cooper to Sarah Elizabeth Carter, Rev Alexander Miller of Ireland, Alexander Cochran of Scotland, John Brooke of Holland, John Hereford of Virginia, Jemima Ramey, Margaret Staples, Gideon Moon of the Am Rev, Archelaus Parker of New Yorks Indian Country, Sarah Tefft, Dodge

My Family names are many and I am honored to have the opportunity to get to know them :) From the many Indian Wars, the American Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, etc., "we" were there.  We were there when the Mayflower landed and we were there in Jamestown 1600 and we were there in North Carolina 1700 amongst the Cherokee as the first few colonies were formed along the east coast.

Our own family surveyor explored Kentucky during the same time that Daniel Boone was doing the same.  Our families explored and settled "Territories" long before they became States.

Here are some of my family websites:

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Grandmother  Lorena Bozeman

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Dublin Gathering of Bozeman and Gibson