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While Mary and George Little of Scotland were in 1790 South Carolina with their ten children,  a Charles and Patsy Weatherford were in Charlotte Virginia, which was once a part of Lunenburg.  The Littles were in Kentucky 1802 and Patsy Weatherford was found in Kentucky 1820.  
However, Patsy was also listed on the 1810 census with three daughters, and no spouse, in Charlotte Virginia, residing near a younger Charles Weatherford, who might have been her son.
 Patsy's daughter Catherine G.  Weatherford married John C. Wright in 1811 Charlotte VA and moved to Kentucky with three daughters, where two of them married grandsons of George Little.  A third daughter married Waltrip but died young.  John and Catherine Wright were with the Waltrips in 1850 but a widowed Catherine was in the 1860 census living with her daughter Martha and Douglass Little, which also included the Waltrip orphaned children, and a John Wright Little who didn't want to live with his daddy, Hiram.
Hiram's wife had also died so he moved to Texas and married a second wife by 1860.
By 1800 Mary Little had died and the widowed George Little married a widow named Mary Handley Douglass in Union County SC. 

But before that marriage,  her daughter Betsy had married the son of George, named Jonas Little.  Mary's brother John Handley was a surveyor in Kentucky and invited them to join him, and their sister Rachel Handley who had married Anthony Thompson.
Betsy Douglass and Jonas Little had many children, including Wesley, Hiram and Douglass who are all mentioned in the History of Muhlenburg KY, History of Daviess, KY and other books.  Douglass and his son Lucius Powhatan Little were both attornies and Judges in Kentucky and many of the Littles served in the Civil War.
Hiram was a doctor/ surgeon in the Civil War and his son John Wright Little was a blacksmith making guns.  John married Catherine Crigler , a daughter of Catherine Roby and Abraham Crigler, but when his wife died young, he moved the rest of his family to Arkansas where daughter Lattie Cedonia Little married Benjamin Coonfield and Lattie's daughter Luella married Frank D. Cochran in 1914.  Ben's great grandfather was in 1800 Henry County Kentucky.
Luella's son went to Montgomery Alabama  after the Korean War.
The afore mentioned Charles Weatherford is believed to be the son of Martin Weatherford and both were Indian Traders, plantation owners, on Bounty Lands in Georgia, but Charles also went into Wetumpka Alabama and Montgomery.
Census records and pages from history books are collected to document this research.
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