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Page Twelve

Bible Transcription

Bible Presented To:  Lorena E McClain
by her daughter:  Mary Ruth Curlee 

To: Annie Cochran from Grandmother McClain on 10/26/1964

Names inside:  Mrs. C. A. McClain
  Mrs W. B. Curlee
  Mrs. R. C. Coley
  Mrs.  C. H. McClain
  Mrs. B. H. Duncan

  Barbra Broadway July 1944
  Jin? Laura Broadway July 12, 1938
  Charles Allen McClain 10/22/1949
  Herbert Duncan  July 19, 1950
  Alice Bozeman Wilson  12/ 7/ 1959
  Mrs Dorie? Stephens Smith 1/23/1960

  Lillie Mae McClain  Oct 1909
  Kate Elizabeth McClain  4/8/1912
  Jimmie Lee McClain  9/17/1913
  Emma Alice McClain  3/27/1916
  Charlie Henderson McClain  5/6/1918
  William Walton McClain  4/20/1920
  Mary Ruth McClain  10/2/1923
  Joe Edd McClain  5/24/1926
  Junior Carter  11/22/1932
  Annie Carter  314/1934
  Billy Carter    10/9/1935
  James Edward McClain  9/30/1952

  Charlie Allen McClain born 10/7/1869? son of Marion Joseph McClain and Elizabeth Gardner ( however his funeral memorial book shows Josiah Marion McClain and Elizabeth B McClain * Josiah had another son by his first wife in Georgia, named Joseph Marion so it is possible that he also came to Alabama )

  Lorena Emma McClain born 1/11/1892 to John T Bozeman and Alice Lorena Bozeman.

Deaths:  Alice Lorena Bozeman  7/9/1895
  John Bozeman  9/1919
  Elizabeth B Gardner  Jan 1927
  Miss Jimmie Lee McClaiin  3/17/1932 childbirth
  Emilie Alice Carter  10/10/1935  child birth
  Cecil E Carter 2/4/1939  heart
  Little Jimmie Hayes  1/23/1941
  Bill Broadway  2/21/1944

  Lillie Mae and Hurbert Duncan  9/9/1927
  Alice McClain and Cecil Carter 3/1/1932
  Kate McClain and Roscoe Coley  2/24
  Charlie H McClain and Lena  9/18/1942
  Walter B Curlee and Mary R  10/15/1942
  Walton W McClain and Frances  6/24/1943
  Joe E McClain and Dorthy  11/27/1944
  Junior Carter and Jean McNeil  1/3/1950
  Joe E McClain and Georgia Broadway  4/27/1955

transcribed by Kathy Cochran and Jennifer Cochran



Lorena had  a special way with words;  little education at the Hills Chapel Church school, but she read her Bible every day. However she spelled things wrong at times, such as Emilie, Emily, Ellie, Emmer, Emma being her daughter Alice Carter.  Her son Joseph Edward being Joe Edd but also on his Certificate at the Fire Dept., he added the middle initial as M. which must have been Marion. Lorena also figured her age wrong at times but the census records do help us stay on track and we also have to do this with her husband's age. One has to remember that back then the crops were much more important than education - they struggled to survive. Lorena had a sister named Ethel, who's daughter told me in a telephone interview that they were so poor, that Ethel told them, Lorena never threw away the bad beans and peas, because it would make another "bowl" for a hungry person.



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