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Bozeman History

Mordecai's son Peter migrated to Montgomery Alabama, while his son John migrated to Mississippi. Peter's son William Henry is our common ancestor.

Philemon's Lewis Bozeman born 1819 was found in Covington County while other lines were found in Dallas County in Alabama. Their ancestors are found in the South Carolina Roster and the Colonial Soldiers of the South.

Philemon's father John Lewis Bozeman may be the brother of Mordecai.

Many documents have been gathered and posted within the webpages, to share with our cousins who wish to continue our research in Alabama.

Mordecai Bozeman and sons (6 KB)
Account being audited for claims of Am Rev War

Peter Bozeman (36 KB)
Peter had married Sarah Brown in 1786, having three daughters on the 1790 census followed by sons Meade, William Henry, Jesse M. Peter E,- Ellen married Vincent Joiner, Lucy married Sterling Campbell and the third daughter has not been found unless she was at the estate sale in one of those other familiar names like Seller, Mason, Watkins or Stacie or Campbell.

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  • FamilyTreeDNA
  • John Thomas Bozeman, son of Peter Edward (386 KB)
    Born 1866 in Dublin Alabama, married Alice Stephens and had my great granny, Lorena Emma Bozeman - John was the son of Nancy Jane Anderson and Peter Edward Bozeman. His grandparents were Martha Hill and William Henry Bozeman who migrated from Darlington South Carolina about 1826. The Andersons and Bozemans lived next to each other in Hope Hull 1830 with Peter Edward being born in 1834. When William died, Martha Hill Bozeman moved to Dublin near her brother John Hill, who created the Hills Chapel School and Church........ After the Civil War Peter and Nancy bought land in Ramer/ Dublin area along the Meriweather Trail close to John Hill. John Hill donated land for their family cemetery which I visited, and he donated land for the Hills Chapel Church and another cemetery across from it where John T Bozeman is buried.
  • WWI Charles McClain (36 KB)
    his birth date is wrong, should be 1886 but it shows his wife as Lorena Bozeman. Charles was the son of Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain's who's families migrated from South Carolina into Georgia, then Alabama. Josiah descends from Elizabeth Moon and Charles McClain of 1750s Virginia. Elizabeth Moon had named a son Josiah and his son James had married an indian woman called Anna - Anna had a son named Josiah. I have seen three different dates of birth for grandpa Charlie but they had very little education, some could not read nor write at all, so the numbers are often mixed up. His mother Elizabeth was the daughter of Mary Stephens and Abner Broadway, and when Josiah died about 1897, she remarried to John Gardner of Dublin. Elizabeth and John and Charlie are found on the 1900 census, then again in 1910 with Lorena.
  • 1837 Grandpa Abner Broadway Land Record (58 KB)
    Montgomery, Alabama. Grandpa Abner and Grandma Nancy migrated from South Carolina.
  • 1834 Grandpa Elisha Anderson (207 KB)
    Land Record in Alabama
  • 1823 Uncle John Bozeman (32 KB)
    Land Record - Peter's brother went to Mississippi
  • Mordecai 1 (40 KB)
    Receipt of payment for service in the American Revolution - he is also listed online in the South Carolina Archives under the Roster of the Continental Army serving in the Militia.
  • Mordecai2 (52 KB)
    Receipt of pay for his services in the American Revolution.
  • Peter Bozeman captured in Am Rev (107 KB)
    1779 article from SC Archives - the surname spelling varies but these people could not read so it just didn't matter. Peter and his wife Sarah signed with only an X mark on various documents. Peter was the son of Mordecai and moved his family to Alabama about 1826
  • 1824 Lewis Bozeman (197 KB)
    Land Record
  • Grandma Lorena Bozeman McClain (11 KB)
    1941 she was mother of Alice McClain Carter and raised the children of Alice ( Cecil Jr, Anne Alice, William Lawrence) Lorena was wonderful to visit, churning butter, sewing quilts, gardening, and read her Bible daily, having a very special gift of healing.
  • John in Mississippi 1830 (43 KB)
    Rev War Soldier could be the brother of Peter or the son of Mordecai - Mordecai's lineage had not been researched until this decade. I see that his son James remained in Darlington SC but John did not and Peter did not. John and Peter may have married indian women and migrated into Alabama and John moved on into Mississippi which was at that time Choctaw Nation. John and Peter both had difficulty after their migration proving that they had served in the American Revolution even though it is recorded where they got paid in 1785
  • Civil War - Bozeman (16 KB)
    Peter Edward Bozeman married Nancy Jane Anderson
  • Civil War - Seaborne Anderson (16 KB)
    Nancy Jane's father served along with his brothers and father - some of this family died in the War - Seaborne was the great grandfather to Lorena Bozeman McClain - Seaborne's great grandfathers served in the American Revolution.
  • Civil War - Josiah Marion McClain (70 KB)
    Lorena Bozeman McClain's father in law was married to Elizabeth Broadway - He had deserted his first wife Julia King in Georgia and joined the Civil War in Alabama. He was wounded. He married or lived with Elizabeth having two girls around 1870 who died but had Charles Allen McClain in 1886 . Josiah died soon after. Josiah's mother was known as Anna and his father was James McClain who might have also served in the Civil War. It is believed that Josiah's mother was native american - Charlie McClain was a very dark tiny man and very spiritual and faithful.  Julia filed application to the Indian Nation.
  • Civil War - Thomas Randolph Carter (9 KB)
    son of John Wise Carter and "Elizabeth", Thomas married Lacy Jane Bozeman first and Mary Josephine Hereferd second. Mary had a daughter named Sarah Elizabeth Carter who married Levi Benjamin Cooper. Grandfathers of Thomas served in the American Revolution.
  • Tennessee (21 KB)
    Peter, sonm of William
  • 1911 Grandma (11 KB)
    Lorena McClain
  • Alice (78 KB)
    Alice Lorena Stephens
  • 1930 Grandma (19 KB)
    Alice McClain
  • Jesse (34 KB)
    1793 Jesse M. Bozeman ( M? Mordecai? )
  • 1840 Josiah McClain (89 KB)
  • 1850 Abner and Nancy Broadway (138 KB)
  • 1829 (1426 KB)
    Estate Audit appraised by John Stacy and Benjamin Lewis, knowing that John Stacy married a Bozeman, wondering now if Benjamin did also.
  • dar (742 KB)
  • Gilliadazer (124 KB)
  • 1851 Gilly Goodson (753 KB)
  • PEB 1834 (69 KB)
    Aunt Gilly
  • ALB (1351 KB) Alice Lorena Stephens Bozeman
  • 1822 (476 KB)
  • 1824 (3012 KB)
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  • Lorena's daughter Alice Emma married Carter
  • Anne Carter in 1940 (37 KB)
    school days at Capitol Heights, they moved around, Maryland Avenue, and Yougene Streets, attending Highland Avenue Church of Christ but some old letters from the 1950s talk about church on Saturdays so they must have switched religions at some point.
  • Anne's Lineage * Anne wed Frank Cochran in Alabama and he came from Kansas  * continued...